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Apr 15, 2009 10:06 AM

Malaysian Curry at Lucky Curry House – review + pics

A DC of mine recently introduced me to a little food court wonder at the Metro Square located on Steeles near T&T (Warden). It’s an unassuming stall that is second from the farthest wall and serves tasty Malaysian Curries. The prices are inviting and their rotis are greasy, crispy delights. (I have heard good things about other curries inside that food court, but have yet to try them).

It’s nothing fancy, nor something to go across town for, but if you’re in the area at T&T and you find yourself wanting something a little more interesting than what’s offered in that mall (like myself), I would recommend heading next door (it’s about a 5 minute walk West to the mall on the other side of the large grassy expanse). The menu has a lot of options, but I stayed with the signature Malaysian curry dishes while dining there. The food court is less than glamorous, but sometimes you just want a hearty bowl of curry and some dipping bread.

The rotis that accompany the curries are sometimes greasy, but sometimes fabulous. I’m not quite sure why sometimes they get it bang on, whereas other times it tastes basted in oil. If it’s light and crispy, it’s heavenly to dip with the curry. Their version is fried, not baked.

Deep-fried Roti:

I have sampled both the chicken and the lamb curry. I would have to say the chicken curry had a nice tasting curry that packed more coconut flavour, but I enjoyed the lamb’s taste and texture more. I found the lamb version to be a bit spicier as well (especially due to the lessened presence of the cooling coconut). The chicken used was dark meat (thighs), and I personally find the skin and extra fattiness of the dark meat a little off-putting, especially when the fat rises to the top of the curry. The dark meat was too tender to hold up against the curry IMO. I would have preferred white meat, or at least for the skins to be removed. The lamb was very tender on every occasion I have eaten there. It was just the right amount of texture, very much like a stew. The potatoes needed a bit of work though. I would prefer a more starchy potato that was cooked a bit more.

Chicken Curry:
Lamb Curry:

The Malaysian curries were some of the priciest items in that food court, but I felt it was well worth it ($6.99 including roti). I used to head to Mei Chun Café on McCowan for my curry fix, but stopped after they started to water it down. So if you ever are in the area and feel the unexplainable desire for curry, do head to Lucky Curry House and give it a try. It's been a couple of months since my last visit, so I hope they're still there (given the recent thread on epic closings around TO).

Cheers and Happy Eating!

Lucky Curry House
3636 Steeles Ave. East Markham
Enter food court from the parking lot side (North side of the mall)

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  1. I enjoy the curry brisket ho fun (flat rice noodle). I haven't been there in a while. The last time it was lacking a little sauce but still pretty tasty. The roti isn't consistant but when it is on it is actually pretty good for TO. A little bland but texture is not bad. I don't eat in that food court very often so I usually stick to the curry brisket.

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    1. re: theel

      I will have to try the curry briskey next time. I was quite impressed with their curries overall and do not doubt the brisket is nice. I love lamb though, so it's difficult for me to deviate from it.

    2. Thanks for the review, I will try it next time I'm in the hood. I've eaten in that food court a few times but a different stall (the second from the left).

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      1. re: szw

        I hope you enjoy it szw. Being only $7, it's such a good deal. I sometimes even have enough for two meals (I save some curry with lamb and have it for dinner with rice at home).

      2. I only just opened your pic of their roti. I think you and I have different ideas of when their roti is good. I didn't like it when it was fried up. Roti should be soft and a little chewy, with a touch of crip on the outside so I preferred when they didn't deep fry it all the way through.

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        1. re: theel

          They do it so many ways. I only uploaded the photo one time. I would agree with your description of when it is good. The only times I do not enjoy it is when it comes out entirely greasy though. It is great to use to sop up the curry.

        2. So does this mean that the food court has two malaysian places???....Lemon Grass in the same food court has always been my fave malaysian joint in the GTA for their beef brisket....

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          1. re: warlock

            really good point. maybe that's the one that I went to. Now I have to investigate. Maybe BokChoi and clear it up. I was talking about the last stall away from the interior parking lot.

          2. The place used to be called lemongrass, their take-out menus still reflect this. That's where the confusion lies....

            Curry brisket is their best dish....

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            1. re: aser

              Does anybody know if they have a good ocra dish?

              1. re: aser

                As per Bok Choi,it is the second from the farthest wall.......I know Lemon Grass was the first shop on your right(when facing the food court)......I think I will pay a visit over the weekend and clear my doubts.....

                1. re: warlock

                  Can't wait for your feedback. I was thinking of trying South East Asian Cuisine since it has generated so much talk lately

                2. re: aser

                  Hi All,

                  Sorry for the delay in responding. Just to clarify - there are indeed two curry places in the food court; one being the Lemongrass stall, and the other the Lucky Curry House. I have not tried Lemongrass yet, but have been meaning to. If anyone can do a side by side comparison of the two, that would be great. Please do report back!


                  1. re: BokChoi

                    I drove by today just to see. Bokchoi and I are on the same page. I was talking about Lucky Curry and their brisket. I didn't try Lemongrass as I was just driving by. I went to South East Malaysian to give it a go.

                    1. re: BokChoi

                      I went there today and the former Lemon Grass is Lucky Curry House....In fact their take out menu still has Lemon Grass on it........It is the one closest to the wall and not the second farthest as originally pointed out......

                      I have been going to the food court for the last 5 years and Lemongrass/Lucky Malaysian style curry (Beef Brisket/Lamb) is the best in the GTA........

                      1. re: warlock

                        Yeah, I knew it, I thought I was going crazy for a minute. The take out menu still says lemongrass. Actually I have one in my menu drawer right now.

                        Again, I'm in full agreement w/ you, their beef brisket curry is outstanding.

                        1. re: aser

                          Sorry, I guess I was confused because I thought I saw a Lemongrass next to it. Too many similar places in one little food court. Apologies.

                          1. re: aser

                            Finally, went and tried their brisket and lamb curries. Pretty good and value for money. Coconut based, flavourful and with the right amount of heat. However, best in the GTA?! I'm not all that sure since to me the versions from South Asia, Gourmet Garden and Restoran Malaysia all tasted fairly similar.

                          2. re: warlock

                            You're absolutely right. I just checked my photo and it's against the far wall. The place is as pictured:

                            Thanks for verifying.