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Jun 29, 2004 08:48 PM

New Moon Cafe- more info?

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A couple of the chinese chicken salad posts mention New Moon Cafe. I have driven past a number of times and always wondered at the sign: 'three generations in the making' (or something like that). Can some one post more about the menu, hours, etc?

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  1. I'm a bit confused...I can recall a New Moon Restaurant from my youth but it was on San Pedro, up the street from Man Fook Low...

    Is it the same restaurant in a new location?

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    1. re: HDK

      The New Moon was originally on San Pedro at 9th for years and years. Then, all of sudden they closed. It was a very sad day for lots of downtown L.A. eaters. Then, I guess, about 2 years later, they re-opened on 9th and Main street, still in the same area. Story has it that the son of the original owner opened at this new location. I'm guessing this was about 8 or 10 years ago?? The menu miraculously remained the same. When you go in during a weekday lunch period, you will see the chicken salad on almost all if not all the tables.

      1. re: Neta

        When we had an office downtown in the early 80's we used to go to New Moon all the time for the chicken salad and crystal shrimp. The chicken salad was really great and the shrimp were huge in a pinkish slippery delicious sauce. We went to find the old restaurant a couple of years ago - I guess it is now part of the produce market now. Found the new location run by the old owner's son. Not quite the same menu because no crystal shrimp. The owner said that the cook who made it died and took the receipe with him and no one could replicate it. I loved the old place -- but its gone.

        1. re: Zoe

          Luckily the chicken salad stayed the same. I used to go to the old one all the time just for the salad and was ecstatic when we found the new one with the old salad.

    2. I think they open around 11:00 on weekdays. I'm not sure how late they are open. They are open on Saturdays until 3 p.m. Now that I'm retired from the downtown scene, we go on Saturdays when you are are sure to not have to wait for a table. The wait can be quite long if you go during the weekday lunch hour rush. The menu is typical Americanized Chinese I guess, but the few items we have tried other than the salad have been good. We like their appetizers (won tons with crab, shu mai, etc) and the house special shrimp. I'm a food troll at heart!!!

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      1. re: Neta

        Thanks for the info. I don't typically like chinese chicken salad or dishes I think of as 'americanized chinese' which I associate with deep frying, gloppy sauces, lots of noodles and rice. If I have the right idea I will probably not try New Moon (also just drove by now and it's closed and as I'm in the neighborhood in the evening that mitigates further against); if I'm on the wrong track and it's really great hope to be contradicted.

        1. re: Dbird

          New Moon is best described as 1950s or 1960s Chinese food. Great place for nostalgia, but not particularly attractive if you're a Chowhound.

      2. It's nice to hear the chicken salad hasn't changed. We used to go there frequently but that was ages ago - I have never had a Chinese chicken salad that came anywhere near New Moon's - today's abominations with the sickly sweet dressings, the won ton strips or even crumbled instant noodles in them just do not compare! New Moon did it the best and right way.. I hope they still do as I'd like to get over there and try it again one of these days.

        1. The Chowhound Team split a recipe tangent to its own post. If anyone is familiar with the recipe for New Moon Cafe's Chinese chicken salad, please follow this link to the Home Cooking board. Requests for recipes are not appropriate for our regional boards.

          1. I enjoy the newer location, in Montrose. Among other things, they have great old fashioned fat New York Style Egg Rolls, which seem almost impossible to find anymore in a dreaded world of thin spring rolls.

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            1. re: Tom P

              Is it owned by the same people using the same recipe for the chicken salad? If so, do you have an address? (and if not, don't bother, ha ha).. Thanks.

              1. re: monkuboy

                I think so, but I could be sadly mistaken. At any rate, the montrose address is:

                2138 N Verdugo Rd, Glendale, 91208 - (818) 249-4393

                1. re: Tom P

                  Thanks! Actually I did call the original one downtown and whoever answered the phone confirmed that the Montrose location is same owner, same recipes, but is larger and has more stuff on the menu. That's good to know!