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Apr 15, 2009 10:02 AM

cake flour & baking supplies in the bay area?

hello- i'm heading out to the bay area from ny next week to bake cupcakes for my friend's wedding.

i'm assuming i'll be able to get the majority of my supplies at the regular grocery store. i'm just nervous about finding cake flour-any suggestions? also, i'm looking for any cake/baking supply stores. i don't drive and i don't want to bother my friends to shuttle me around every time i need ideally, i am looking for things that are close by. i'll be staying in noe valley.


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  1. I've bought cake flour at my local Safeway. I imagine most other grocery stores have it, too, as it's not really a specialty item.

    As far as supply stores go, I can't make any useful suggestions as I don't know where in the Bay Area you will be staying. The Bay Area is pretty big. Give us a clue and we'll be able to help more with places that are close by

    1. You can get cake flour anywhere.

      I don't think there are any cake/baking-supplies store near Noe Valley, but Sugar 'n' Spice is a short walk from the Colma BART station.

      2965 Junipero Serra Blvd, Daly City, CA

      1. In Noe Valley, there's a cookware store, Cooks Boulevard on Castro St and 24th. Not sure what stuff you need, but they have various extracts, chocolates, food coloring gels, sugars, etc. Check out their website:
        I'm sure you can call them too, to check ahead of time if they have what you need.

        1. Spun Sugar on University Ave. in Berkeley specializes in cake/pastry supplies and will have everything you need, though it will be a BART ride to get there.

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            Spun Sugar did not carry self-rising flour when I went there and asked. So they don't have absolutely everything....

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              but spun sugar WILL have an awful lot of frosting, sugaring, and decorating supplies...

          2. Whole Foods does not carry cake flour (though they do have pastry flour, all-purpose and cornstarch so you can do a sub). I have found cake flour at WalMart.