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Apr 15, 2009 09:45 AM

language help please

Spanish isn't my thing, though I now have the excellent spreadsheet...

However, I need some help with getting a concept across. Mrs_G doesn't eat shellfish (prawns, lobster, crab, oysters etc) but is fine with fish.

Could anyone help with how I explain this to the restaurant? I should add it's a dislike kind of thing rather than dying, so not an allergy. I'd hate to be sitting at El Celler de Can Roca and them do three seafood dishes for her, the odd tapas I can scoff on my own.

Help appreciated (I'll probably write it on a card....)

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  1. (I'm not spanish... so YMMV)
    Something like "no mariscos per favor" ?

    You should also try to get it in "catalan" (for El Celler de Can Roca)

    1. I think a simple Google translation should be OK. How about:

      Please, I don't eat crustaceans. However fin fish is fine.

      Por favor, no comen crustáceos. Sin embargo los peces está bien.

      It's been YEARS from my Spanish classes, but I think that would work. Anyone should please feel free to correct Google's (sometimes) poorly translated words.

      1. "No me gustan frutas del mar", or "no quiero frutas del mar". IRC correctly from my year in Barcelona, "frustas del mar" covers everything from calamari, mussels, clams, and usually shellfish as well. If you want to be doubly sure add also, "y no me gustan los camarones tampoco", that definitely covers shellfish.

        1. I just went to and entered this. "Please: I do not eat shell-fish or crustaceans. However, I do eat fish with fins."

          The resulting translation was this. "Por favor: Yo no como marisco ni crustáceos. Sin embargo, yo como pez con aletas."

          Be aware that, since the free version of this service uses literal translation, it may not be the proper way to say it. But it'll probably get your point across.

          1. I'd have gone with Deenso's version. I'd also do a quick Babelfish translation for the particular items Mrs_G doesn't like and have these on your card.

            Don't worry about getting it in Catalan. It's bloody unpronouncable for a tourist and, in any event, the locals will be fluent in Castilian (and pretty good in English - it's a required subject at school).


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