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Apr 15, 2009 09:45 AM

Late lunch in Aruba?

This Baltimore hound will be in Aruba from 10am-7pm while our cruise ship stops there on a Friday in a few weeks. Our plan is to take the bus up to Boca Catalina or thereabouts, do some shore snorkelling, then take the bus back down to either Eagle Beach or Palm Beach for lunch and some beach time before heading back to the ship.

As it will probably be 1 or 2pm-ish, what places are recommended for trying local Aruban food? Based on these boards, Gasparitos and Madame Jannettes seem highly recommended but neither appear to be open for lunch based on their websites. Tulips only really looks to have sandwiches (no "entree" types of lunch items). Maybe Mrs Kelly's truck? Are there any picnic tables nearby her truck for basic seating? My boyfriend can't handle anything too spicy or garlicky -- would there be anything appropriate for him at her truck? And where exactly is she located?

What other places (sit down, but not a 2 hour affair, and swimsuit/coverup appropriate) are options? We're open to spending $10-15 per person if necessary but the goal is to try Aruban fare. Casual bar-like atmosphere is fine too, but we don't really want touristy if we can have "local".


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  1. I guess I don't know what you mean by "local" food unless you mean pastechi which is a sandwich. I would go to and ask there. We are in Aruba and have been here since Feb. 2 and I would go to Bugaloe (a pier between The Rad and The Riu) but it is not "local" food.

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      Local food is Antillean food such as fish and fungi, bunchi kora and jambo. I am not aware of places that serve local food in Aruba but I can tell you when next you come to Bonaire.

      Pastechi is more like an empanada on Bonaire. It is filled with meat or cheese. I do not eat them nor have I had one in Aruba. They are a sort of streetfood on our island.

      Bon Siman