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Apr 15, 2009 09:43 AM

urgent- need dc rec for seattle wife for tonight

hey- mid-atlantic board. i'm a baltimore ex-pat in seattle. my wife is in dc at a conference at a hotel a block away from the white house. she wants to slip away for a fine dinner tonight by herself. something within just a block or two would be best. any cuisine would be fine, she's very open to exotic stuff. she told me she's had great vietnamese in dc (particulary loved a type of shrimp roll she hadn't seen here), and good fancy chinese, and african that she hadn't seen here (we have a lot of ethiopan and eritrean but not much else). she also said she's had good steakhouse there. but really any cuisine even standards would be fine. and any price point. just proximity to the area and quality are our only concerns. btw are crabs in the restaurants yet there? i know the season officially started on the first but with the harvests being so far down is there a lag until you get good ones into the restaurants? thanks a million in advance

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  1. It's not really crab season. But there are a number of great restaurants near the White House. My personal picks would be Equinox (for fresh seasonal cuisine), Bombay Club (for Indian), and Ceiba (for new latin). Both have classy bar seating if she would prefer that, but also have regular tables as well (wasn't sure if she was dining alone).

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      When are crabs in season? I am planning a trip in late June. I'm so wanting to taste the crab, as I am a from Louisiana and have heard they are quite different from ours.

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        im pretty sure it's all summer long so you're timing is right, but to get a really great crab feast you may have to do a bit of traveling. the best crab-picking meal i've had was in ocean city, maryland.

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          The later in the season, the better. Late June is still a little early, but the crabs will be running, just not too big. Our bay crab numbers have been way down, but so far it looks like there are more, this year. I live in an hour south, so I can't recommend any places in DC, but I will warn you that even some DC restaurants serve LA crabs, since the bay's crabs are fairly scarce.

          I recommend posting an inquiry specifically about crabs.

      2. A couple blocks from the White House the Bombay Club is very good, upscale Indian. The owners also own Rasika which gets lots of good reviews both are wonderful. Bombay Club was recently renovated and has come out all the better.

        Also Equinox is a very good high-end restaurant a couple blocks from the White House serving seasonal cuisine.

        Also nearby: The Oval Room, Tosca, DC Coast. But the two above would be my choices as they are quality places and relatively relaxing.

        Crabs are not in season yet. You will find crab dishes in some restaurants though.

        1. within block or two definitely equinox and oval room would be the best bets. also at 16th and k is a great restaurant called olives that is fantastic.

          1. Cafe du Parc at the Willard Hotel-one block from the White House.

            1. I was quite impressed with Bombay club recently, but I like Cieba, too. If you want something spicy in a more quiet setting, Bombay Club is great. Cieba is more casual and noisy. Never been to Equinox (sad), so if you go, report back!