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Apr 15, 2009 09:25 AM


I can't help declare my love for bacon. Is there a better meat product anywhere? Even vegetarians dream of bacon (ask one, the first thing that they say is that they miss is bacon.) Every time I start to cook bacon, my dog gets this crazy far away look in his eyes and starts to drool. Everyone loves bacon!

I'd say my favorite way to eat bacon is to sprinkle it with a little chili powder and maple syrup before baking it off. I then put it between two slices of texas toast with avocado, home grown tomato, red leaf lettuce, and mayo. What's your favorite way to cook and eat bacon?

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  1. go do a search for the thread on "do you keep a can of bacon drippings in your fridge", or something like that. Keep napkins handy on account of the potential for drooling.

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    1. re: PattiCakes

      I remember my Grandmother keeping the bacon drippings in a coffee can on the back of the stove. She would then use it to butter her toast. It always grossed me out, until I tried it. Can't say that I would go that far anymore, thanks to my cardiologist.

      1. re: ReggieL.

        Oh Yeah, the old timers in Bermuda use fry bread in bacon drippings, everything was pretty much fried in bacon drippings

    2. Oh yes, bacon is great stuff...Just the other day I made some pasta and ended up putting some bacon in the sauce, it really inhanced the flavor of the sauce.

      Bacon and Avocado on toast - favorite breakfast staple in our house

      Fry up some bacon (for a salad) mix the bacon fat with 1/4 C of super fine sugar, 1/2 C mayo and 1/4 C red wine vinegar and mix well, and drizzle over salad that has bacon tossed in as well! That is my all time favorite dressing, but only have once in a while...guess the reason.

      Corn Bread with bacon and cheese mixed in try mixing in some smoked paprika, gives it a southwest flavor

      1. The classic BLTA is always delicious. I also like to just pan fry them, cut it into small pieces and back it with my mac & cheese.

        Dang...I can eat bacon with everything.

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        1. re: Jaytizzle

          Have you ever tried chocolate covered bacon? It sounds like a good idea in theory, but just can't bring myself to try it. I prefer to ingest my pork fat with something savory.

          1. re: ReggieL.

            Don't walk, run to go try it. It is amazing. Fatty, salty, sweet, smoky.

            But I will eat bacon anyway I can get it.

              1. re: ReggieL.

                Bacon + chocolate = manna from heaven. Brilliant combo.

                1. re: irishnyc

                  What does it taste like? I'm curious to know

                  1. re: Yummylicious

                    Haha! Just today bought a bacon chocolate bar. You know when you meet your friends new boyfriend/girlfriend? And they are PERFECT together? And everyone says "Wow, it's like you've been together forever!"? That's what the combo is like.

            1. Classic salad: torn-up frisée, crisp cubes of bacon, poached egg. Fry 1/4" cubes of slab bacon until crisp, deglaze the pan with a splash of vinegar, toss the frisée around in there until just dressed. Top with a freshly-poached egg.

              I cook all my cabbagey things with some bacon - cabbage, bok choy, brussels sprouts, greens - and green beans as well. We even have it for breakfast once in a while - wow, what a concept!

              Here in SoCal, good dry-cured bacon can be hard to come by. Niman Ranch is OK, but pretty puny in flavor to anyone used to Tennessee/Kentucky stuff. Schreiner's, up in Montrose, makes a very good bacon, and will sell it sliced or by the pound in slabs. The best I've ever had is Broadbent's from Kentucky, available by mail order or online, of which I just got a box full. Yum!

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              1. re: Will Owen

                Brussels sprouts and bacon rocks!!! totally forgot about that one.

              2. I think there's probbaly nothing in this world to beat a proper bacon butty for breakfast.

                This, of course, involves frying the bacon until its cooked but not at all crispy then putting it on cheap sliced white supermarket bread and giving it a good dose of ketchup or brown sauce.

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                1. re: Harters

                  I just did that this morning, but substituted a flour tortilla for the white bread. My girlfriend was disgusted, but it was delicious! I have to agree, the ketchup makes it.