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Apr 15, 2009 09:23 AM

Dinner for 15 in/around Philly -- this weekend!

We're trying to plan a last-minute dinner for a group of 15 people on Saturday night. None of us are from the area and most will be staying downtown, although we'll be spending the day at Swarthmore College. Either locale would probably be fine for the dinner.

So...Chowhounders...any ideas for a place that might accommodate us? Prefer casual, good food -- any ethnicity fine.


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  1. Might want to try contacting Lafuorno:

    Nice Italian on South Street, casual but good food, and they've always been accommodating to my friends and I when we go there with parties of 15-20. They have a cute upstairs room, if it's not booked already, and the prices are very decent.

    1. Square on Square near 19th on Chestnut. Way above average Chinese food, good service, reasonably priced, and an upstairs that can accommodate a larger party. They take reservations, but most people walk in, so if you call ahead they should definitely be able to accommodate you.

      1. i have had excellent, las-minute, +10 person dinners at paxia, ristorante mezza luna and nam phuong (all are casual). unfortunately, i THINK paxia has closed, but you should check it out anyway (mexican at 8th and christian). mezza luna is still open and still delicious (had several +10 and +15 dinners there), my only complaint is that they haven't changed their menu in too long (but if you've never been, it won't matter to you). nam phuong is way casual but has some of the best vietnamese food in the city (and it is very big). all of these places are near the italian market, so very close to downtown but not techincally in it. all of these places are byo too (except at mezza luna you can byo and they have a liquor license, best of both worlds) and i would go eat at any of them tonight if i could. i am especially craving the pho and country style beef at nam phuong. MMM!

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            Nam Phuong definitely has a full liquor license. Maybe you can BYO too, I never tried. In any case, it is an amazing restaurant (food wise) and handle groups well.