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Apr 15, 2009 09:20 AM

Anniversary dinner (van.)?

Hey there ...
Helping my father pick out a restaurant for their anniversary this weekend.
Off the top of my head they've been to: La Buca, Chambar, Pied a Terre, Vij's. They're not really into the super high-end places but are open to all types of food.
I was thinking something like Market or DB .. which one though?? Any other ideas for a special dinner for the two of them?
My father was hoping for a game plan by tonight so its kind of last minute.
Any help much appreciated. thanks

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  1. Bishop's, Bistrot Bistro, Fuel, for one of the last meals at Gastropod, Provence Marinaside

    1. You have a good list already.

      How about Chow, Campagnolo, or La Quercia? Spice Islands (Indonesian) just won Best Other Asian at the VanMag's been a while since I have been, but it was good.

      What mood do you want to set (eg quiet vs lively, etc.)?

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      1. re: fmed

        Thanks .. I'll keep those in mind.
        I think they would prefer quiet. Your three recs came to mind Fmed. Called La Quercia for res to keep as an option.. waiting for reply. I actually think I'm leaning towards 'Chow' ..

        1. re: jmil

          Chow would be great for them I think, I was there last week and found the atmosphere and service to be perfect for a low key celebration dinner and the food was excellent.