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Apr 15, 2009 09:14 AM

VE Day foiling restaurant bookings for our long weekend in Paris; Itineraires booked, but Le Jeu des Quilles and Chateaubriand will be closed. Further recommendations needed.

We will be in Paris for a long weekend May 8-10. Unbeknownst to us when we booked our plane tickets, this coincides with VE Day, and many of the restaurants we had hoped to visit will be closed.

Our current schedule is:
Friday lunch: waiting to hear if Racines will be open or not; they have not yet decided
Friday dinner: confirmed at Itineraires
Saturday lunch: open
Saturday dinner: open
Sunday brunch: confirmed at Cafe Breizh

Le Jeu des Quilles and Chauteaubriand, our picks for Saturday lunch and dinner, will be closed.

We've asked our hotel concierge to inquire about bookings at La Bigarrade and Jadis for Saturday lunch and dinner, and are also interested in Le Petrelle.

Given the restaurants mentioned above, can you recommend a few similar places if Jadis and Le Bigarrade don't work out (and if Racines decides not to open)? Would you recommend Petrelle before either Jadis or Le Bigarrade?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Jadis and La Bigarrade are closed Saturday as well; how disappointing! The concierge has recommended we try Benoit, la Fountain de Mars, and Les Ombres. I'll have to do some reading about these suggestions, but further ideas are welcome in the meantime!

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      None of those recommendations are in the same league as your choices.

      1. re: PhilD

        Thanks for your reply, PhilD. Do you have any further recommendations you would consider to be in the same league as our choices? It's not really about cost so much (though for this trip we're purposly not doing the 3* thing), but about the kind of restaurant: chef-driven with the best locally-sourced ingredients, smaller/more intimate in size, perhaps interesting or original preparations.

        1. re: slcorlis

          Other than the ones you already have on your list I am tracking two others that may make my list of new restaurants to try on my next visit. I stress I have yet to try them but they are getting interesting reviews, and sound like interesting additions to the Paris scene.

          First Yam'Tcha a team with an interesting pedigree who sound like they are doing interesting food. Second is, Le Thoumieux, a very old restaurant but recently taken over by the glamourous Costes Bros with Jean-François Piège, of Les Ambassadeurs behind the pass.

          1. re: slcorlis

            I'm trying Yam'Tcha today, will let you know.

            For your weekend options, I would consider Christophe (excellent chef and ingredients, open everyday of the year that is not a wed or a thu), Fish (open every day except Christmas, has great wines like Racines, food more ordinary but pretty decent). I would not dismiss La Fontaine de Mars like PhilD seems to: it is an excellent bistrot, if not innovative of chef-oriented. It's also across the square from Les Fables de la Fontaine, which is open everyday if I'm not mistaken (Christian Constant's seafood joint).

            Indeed chef bistrots are closed on weekends, and while I haven't asked, I would be surprised if le Pétrelle was open that weekend. It's still worth checking. I just did and I guessed right, no Pétrelle on VE weekend.

            I would also check Le Bistral (see my pics at, I was favourably impressed) and l'Entredgeu for saturday.

            If you feel like real bistrot meal, fries and all, and 30e pp rather than 60, Au Dernier Métro serves every day all day long.

            I also always have l'Auberge Bressane for creamy traditional on my list, it's open sundays.

            1. re: souphie

              Okay, so Christophe, L'Entredgeu, Yam'Tcha, and Le Thormieux; we'll see if we have any luck with those. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

              Will shops likely be closed as well? I only ask because I have been compiling a list of boulangeries, fromageries, etc. that is about a mile long, and was eager to make it to a couple of them.

              1. re: slcorlis

                Most food shops will be closed sun-mon. Some might be off for the weekend but not many.

                Yam'tcha was good, subtle, and they have a unique (to my knowledge) and excellent feature or wine/TEA pairing. The dishes were simple, well-balanced, moder and rather original (if not groundbreaking). Again, not a revelation, but a pleasant address. Very Chinese oriented. I would not call it a destination, but it was fairly plesant. Not lots of food, you can easily head to nearby Chez Denise afterwards for more.

                1. re: souphie

                  As well as a Julien baguette traditionnal

                  1. re: souphie

                    We were able to book La Bigarrade for lunch on 8 May, Yam'tcha for lunch 9 May and L'Entredgeu for dinner 9 May. Many thanks for the extensive help, and I'll try to report back on our experiences after the trip!

          2. re: slcorlis

            Found Les Ombres to be dreadful, museum was otherworldly, but restaurant NO
            L'Ami Louis open Sat night, tough ticket, but l love it

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              "Found Les Ombres to be dreadful" - if anything that is an understatement....!