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Apr 15, 2009 08:58 AM

Chowpups in Training

Does anyone know of a quality culinary camp for elementary aged kids in Montgomery County? I came across one through the school and know of the Chef Academy near the Montgomery Mall but I didn't care for the offerings. I can tell that the camps would be fun but I think my son has already mastered the dishes which were pretty unsophisticated, sort of 'kid food' oriented.

I want something that teaches kids to cook real food using vegetables and a wide variety of ingredients.
I would appreciate any help!

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  1. I believe that Viking in Bryn Mawr offers a summer camp, or at least has offered it in previous summers.

    1. Viking is good --but roaringly expensive. Their classes are abt. $80 son has gone 2 years to the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill (42&Walnut in West Phila) It's not a great location, but they make drop off/parking easy and the camp is first-rate! He loved it --taught by real chefs that are in school there. Learned knife skills; and a variety of cusine. One class was international (made french one day/crepes,rolls; next day Spanish etc..) the other was pastry! He came home with Cinnabon quality cinnamon rolls, lemon curd cake, cookies, ricotta pie etc... Highly recommend it. They have a website...