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Apr 15, 2009 08:26 AM

Looking for best diner/night club combination for a saturday night in SoBe : The Forge + Glass ??

Hey guys maybe you can help!
Will be in south beach / Miami beach on vacation May 2009 - our first time!!
Will be there on a Saturday night. We wanted to find the best diner/nightclub combo since we dont want the hassle of getting in a club after dinner. We want good food and great upscale night club (age range 25 and up).

We were told the Forge restaurant + Glass nightclub but I'm not sure that its good on saturday nights....


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  1. sarah>

    You'll get the "and up" crowd at the Forge. It's SugarDaddy turf. I'd do BlueDoor/Fla Room at the Delano or Talula plus any of the Collins Park doors (Plunge, Louis, Provocateur, Mokai) WAY before the spray tans and boob jobs at the Forge (unless you are in the market for a sponsor).


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    1. re: advisor_Girl

      hahahahaha thanks for the info!!
      No...not looking for a sponsor...yet!!LOL
      But we dont want to feel..well..old!! And want to go to a place where we can lounge and dance.

      So for a saturday night you'do BlueDoor/Fla Room (dancing there?)

      This is the info we got from our hotel concierge service for a saturday night....hummmm...nothing in your list...
      Bed : Club and restaurant
      929 washington av
      TLF- 305-532-9070
      Nikki Beach: Club and restaurant
      one ocean drive
      TLF- 305-5381111
      The Forge: Upscale resturant and club (GLASS)
      432 41 st
      TLF- 3055388533
      SKY BAR: Club and restaurant (novu or italian)
      1901 collins av
      Santo: Restaurant and club(upscale latin)
      425 lincoln road

      PS.I just posted on trip advisor...I think you're the same AG I just replied to!!

      1. re: Sarahb_00

        The forge is definitely your best option here, the other places don't come close except nobu and nobu and ago (the italian place) are seperate from skybar so you don't have an automatic in.

        1. re: tpigeon

          I agree, the crowd at the Forge can be a bit older than what you are looking for. Don't get me wrong, the Forge is a local institution that offers amazing dishes and supurb service. But if this is your first time in Miami, you will find that the Forge is not in walking distance of all of the hype and excitement of South Beach. I recommend going to Nobu (Peruvian/Japanese Fusion dishes) for dinner and then to the SkyBar for drinks/dancing. Last time I was there, they did not take reservations, so if you have a large party, I recommend getting there early.

          I've never been here, but if you are up for Salsa, try Yuca on Lincoln Road. They have a dance floor on top of the restaurant where you can take Salsa lessons I believe every Friday and Sunday.

          1. re: Fattie Pie

            Nobu may take reservations for a large group, if you are a large group may be worth inquiring.

            One little note on Santo - there is now a Novecento (Argentinian) restaurant operating there as "Novecento @ Santo".


              1. re: Sarahb_00

                The hottest club in town right now on saturday is liv at the fountainbleu. If you ate at scarpetta my guess is you would get in. Especially if you went to liv at 11ish. The blue bar outside Liv is good in itself on saturday. You will do better than the forge there, I think. You could eat at scarpetta early and warm up at the blue bar if you want.

                The florida room is also good but is not a nightclub and closes early. You are not guaranteed an in there but I think you will get in there as well.

                1. re: tpigeon

                  Wow thanks for the info Tpigeon.
                  I will call them today to check.
                  What is the age range at LIV ? we are 30-31

                  1. re: Sarahb_00

                    Liv is huge there will it is mostly mid to late 20''s but there plenty of people from every age group there. It is the place to go on saturday. You will be fine there.

                    1. re: tpigeon

                      Came back from Miami yesterday...
                      Scarpetta was GREAT. I had a tuna appetizer and a duck and foie gras pasta for the main. It was delicious. The decor was really nice.
                      We got into the LIV afterwards, it was a nice/big club. Music was good... and you were right age was between 21-40 (woman) to 21-72 (men)!! It was packed.
                      Thanks again for the info our evening was a success :o)