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Apr 15, 2009 08:22 AM

where to eat lunch in anaheim

I'm going to anaheim on friday and I need some suggestions on where to eat. I'm looking for something different than american food although I'll take all the suggestions I can get

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  1. Where in Anaheim? Near the convention centre/Disneyland? Hills? West Anaheim? How much do you want to spend? Any time restrictions?

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      have to be at a place called the grove at six, medium price for lunch would be great also
      it jus doesn't have to be in anaheim it can be on my way there comming from santa monica, thai,indiam,pho would be great
      thanks for the reply

      1. re: DFox

        The Grove is in the parking lot of Angel Stadium, near the 57 and Katella.

        Bangkok Taste Thai is very tasty and is right off the 22 at Grand/Glassell; if you're taking the 10 to the 5, you could get off at Rosecrans and go to Renu Nakorn, one of the top Thai places in the LA/OC area. If you're taking the 405 to the 22, you could get off at Beach Blvd and go to Thai Nakorn, which is one of the other top Thai places in LA/OC.

        For Indian, take the 91 inland and get off at Pioneer and go to Tirupathi Bhimas or Jay Bharat or one of the other excellent Indian places in Artesia.

        Pho -- the 22 runs right through Little Saigon. My favourite for regular pho is Pho Thanh Lich on the SE corner of Brookhurst and Hazard; for chicken pho, Dakao in the same plaza. There's a lot more Viet food than just pho, though.

        You could also head over to Mariscos Puerto Esperanza on Tustin and Taft in Orange (Taft is what Ball Road becomes when you head east from the 57).

    2. Taco Boy at the corner of Euclid and Ball has some good tacos.