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Apr 15, 2009 08:03 AM

Visitors from Ohio. Where to go?

I'm new to this board. I have family visiting from small town Ohio, where the only places to eat are Applebee's and such. I want to take them to places that they can't find back home. The catch is I need cheap. Ideally less than $10/pp. I live in Hermosa Beach, and we'll be visiting Loyola Marymount. I'm willing to travel for a must try, but I specifically need a place for dinner by Loyola Marymount.

Unfortunately, I think Mexican is out, as no one will touch anything with cilantro.

I already know I am taking them to Original Pancake House, Shin Sen Gumi ramen, and Versaille.

What do you think?

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  1. Having been to Ohio, I say you should hit up every single ethinc restaurant you can find.

    izakaya bincho, shin sen gumi, kbbq, thai food, vietnamese food

    hell porto's if you're thinking versaille, or gloria's even. or better yet, mariscos chente!

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    1. re: ns1

      So true on the ethnic. My family thinks I'm crazy when I say that pho is my new comfort food. They stared at boba in absolute confusion.

      I have a friend picking up bakery from Porto's. What is Gloria's?

      1. re: kaitlyn142

        i believe glorias is a mexican restaurant on venice blvd that serves cilantro in it's food.

      2. re: ns1

        mariscos chente will not come in within kaitlyn's budget even before tax, tip, and beverage.

        ayara thai is near loyola and has many dishes for less than $10/pp but cilantro is in many of them.

      3. Hi... Given the parameters you've laid out, this might be a bit of a long-shot: about 3 or 4 miles north of LMU, on Lincoln blvd., is Baby Blues BBQ. I think with some creative ordering, you might be able to find menu choices around the $10 price point (perhaps a pulled pork sandwich and a side) before tax and tip. The artistic/hipster vibe there might be entertaining to your mid-western folk...

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        1. re: silence9

          I was just thinking of Baby Blues. If their idea of good BBQ is Chili's Baby Back Ribs or something similar, then they are in for a pleasant suprise.

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            1. That's really too bad about the Mexican aversion, because Marsicos Chente is close-ish and fantastic. Search for it on the board, and you'll see many fervent recs for it. It's not your typical Mexican food, even by L.A. standards.

              It's out of the way (East side of the 405) but a detour to Pann's Restaurant might be a hit with your folks. Uniquely L.A. Googie architecture. Solid diner food with a Southern influence. The fried chicken is justly famous. While not known for cheap eats, you can probably choose items close to your $10 budget.

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              1. re: Professor Salt

                Wow. so many possibilties for Ohioans

                (I lived in Ohio for 8 years, and the Chow-Pup, my LA born and raised son, is in school in Columbus now):

                Little India (Pioneer Bl. through Artesia) or Al Wataan/Al Noor for Deshi food;
                SOMEONE's Cal. Mexican, not all of which has cilantro,
                Regional mex, which doesn't have cilatro: Oaxacan, Yucatecan (Chichen Itza at the Mercado!)
                DIM SUM DIM SUM DIM SUM. (Ocean Star, NBC!)
                Thai Town. . . jeez, take'em to see Thai Elvis at the Palms Thai, you'll probably be out for about $12 per person, unless you order a bunch of shrimp, or the wild boar or frog (no, I'm not kidding)...
                Ethiopian at any of 4-5 places on Fairfax. . .
                Middle Eastern breakfast (ful madamas and basturma anyone?)

                NOT Pann's; or the Pancake House; the food there will all be familiar to 'em. . .

                1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                  Oh! I didn't know that Oaxacan and Yucatecan don't use cilantro. That opens up new food places for me. Thank you.

                  The Pancake House is because I like it. :) I'm footing the bill for this entire trip, so I get my pancakes.

                2. re: Professor Salt

                  Do they put cilantro in everything? It's not that we don't like Mexican, as we've got the genes that makes things with cilantro taste like soap. Even a little bit that I pick out still ruins the flavor. The best description I've seen is that it doesn't taste like bad food we don't like. It tastes like it's not even supposed to be food.

                  1. re: kaitlyn142

                    I haven't tried enough dishes at Mariscos Chente to say if cilantro is used in everything. My guess is no, and certainly you can ask them not to use it in dishes where they can.

                    The thing might knock Chente out of the running here is the price. Everything is seafood based, so many entrees nudge north of $10. With proper sharing, you can still eat in budget and not leave hungry.

                    1. re: Professor Salt

                      The portions are ridiculous, though -- one aguachile is a baker's dozen jumbo prawns and what seems like nine thousand slices of cucumber and costs $13. The pescado zarandeado is $18 per kilo (about $8.50 a pound) -- you have to buy the whole fish, which averages 2 kg, but it's absolutely enormous and would feed a family of six easily.

                      And you can regale your visitors from Ohio with the (true) story that every week, a family member goes to Tijuana, takes an overnight bus to Mazatlan (a 20-hour trip), spends the night, buys the fish and seafood from the boats, puts it in ice coolers, goes BACK to Tijuana, crosses the border and drives back to Mar Vista, because they know and trust the quality of fish from Mazatlan.

                      Makes $8.50 a pound, already a damn good value for cooked fish in a restaurant, seem like a banh-mi type bargain.

                      1. re: Das Ubergeek

                        All true. I hope the Ohio relatives like seafood cuz it's blow your doors off good.

                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                          the pescado zarandeado fed two people the last time my group was there--not six.

                          don't forget, the fish is weighed and served wiith all the bones and the head and gills and fins, so some of the weight is not edible.

                          das, i am probably one of the more rabid supporters of mariscos chente on this board, i'm there alone and with guests several times a week, and i would LOVE to be able to say that it can meet kaitlyn's requirements, but truly, it cannot unless her group were to eat much less per person than any group of ohioans i've ever seen or unless her budget were to increase substantially.

                          also, i'm not positive that cilantro isn't contained in the salsa. i'm pretty positive it is found in many of the sauces used on the shrimp.

                          imho too many things don't fit here.

                          1. re: westsidegal

                            I couldn't say about the sauce, but if you get an appetizer or two and a pescado zarandeado... it's hard for me to believe two people could eat a whole 2 kg fish even allowing 50% waste!

                            1. re: Das Ubergeek

                              if you get an appetizer or two, you run into the budget problems.
                              other than the tacos, i believe that apps run the same as entrees.

                              so ordering two appetizers adds another $22 before tax and tip.
                              a pz in addition, for my groups would allow you to have two apps and one pz. which would cover 4 people, not six people. still not within budget.
                              i've done this a number of times with a number of groups. a one kilo pz has never come close to covering 6 people by itself.

                              also, the cilantro issue is still in play here.. . .

                              1. re: westsidegal

                                "ideally" does not = mandatory

                                FWIW, me and the wifey spent 30 bucks between us and had TOO much food, so it really depends on how much you plan on eating here.

                                1. re: ns1

                                  with the way i tip, the shrimp dishes (many of which contain cilantro) with tap water to drink cost $15/pp after tax and tip.
                                  maybe you tip less.
                                  still that comes to 150% of the target budget. to me a 50% budget overrun is not inconsequential.
                                  to many on this board, all budget numbers are very 'soft' but to me, and maybe to others they are 'hard.'