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Apr 15, 2009 07:55 AM

Is the Bistro at Ventana as good as Cielo? (Big Sur)

Has anyone been to the Bistro at Ventana in Big Sur? Is that outdoor deck with huge fireplace & gorgeous view still open while Ventana's main dining room (formerly Cielo) is being renovated?

We loved Cielo and that view from the deck two years ago. Since it's closed we're trying to decide between Ventana's Bistro or Sierra Mar at Post Ranch Inn.

We'll be there at the end of this month. Thanks!

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  1. no view to speak of, but even better that Cielo, albeit a bit more laid back, is Big Sur Bakery. just spent a birthday dinner there that was extraordinary. cannot recommend it enough. menu changes but the wood grilled oysters and the duck were incredible. wild salmon crudo with uni and green onion-garlicy salsa verde was fantastic. this is where i'd be.

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      we're already going there for lunch! So t's great to read your recommendations. Thx! Mmm, now I am craving oysters....

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