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Apr 15, 2009 07:54 AM

Walkable Charleston recs

We'll be in Charleston for 5 nights at the end of this month, staying in City Market area without a car. We haven't been to Charleston since 2007 and were wondering if there have been any new additions to the fine dining scene in the interim. We've been to SNOB, Peninsula Grill, Hanks, and several other old standbys over the past 7 years.
I did look over this post but was mainly looking for recs that are walkable.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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  1. I recently ate ar Cru Cafe and thought it was fantastic.

    1. High Cotton,upscale casual. 39 Rue de Jean indoor outdoor dining YUM!
      Fleet Landing ,on the water, really casual great lunch spot . Also had lunch at Blossom (steps away from SNOB other side of road )Great! I think Blossom and Cypress and Magnolia are all related.
      Oak steak house YUM !
      Skip Charleston crab house, and the gelato at Paolos's gelato (so disappointing) Instead grab a regular ice cream at Kilwans!
      Drinks at Rooftop bar at sunset is a must !
      Love Hanks. Think SNOB was just OK.

      Will try Peninsula grill next time? Whats the feedback? And Grill 225 looked interesting(right across from he market)

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      1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

        You didn't like Paolo's? Why not? I love Paolo's. I thought it stands up pretty well to much (but not all) of the gelato I've tried in Italy and is much better than most of what I've tried in the U.S.

        1. re: dinersaurus

          Sorry to say, I didn't care for it nor did the group I was with.
          The had about six flavors we tried all six amongst our group.
          Chocolate, Kiwi ,coconut,stracciatella,lemon and frutti di bosco.
          The fruit di bosco was the dead give away. WAY to much "icy " flavor and not enough creamy flavor like a good gelato should carry. They all were overloaded with that "icy" flavor.
          I also have been to Italy and have had gelato, by far no comparison.
          Anyone remember the gelato that Hagen Daze brand use to sell in stores? (At least up North)but they discontinued it . Well I enjoyed that.
          Actually to be honest, I have had better gelato in the Charlotte airport.They have a good gelato stand there in there.

          1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

            Hmm. That's too bad. I hope it was just an off day for them. Even with the fruit gelatos I don't recall picking up any iciness. Next time I'm in Charleston, I plan to resubmit them to my rigorous testing regimen.

            This is serious work.

            1. re: dinersaurus

              HA! I agree "serious work" If only all work was this fun.
              You are absolutely right ,might have been an off day.(hate to be quick to judge)
              But I know that the Ice cream we had at Kilwin's had more creamy delicious flavor then the gelato.
              Trust me, have you seen my call name? Makes me sad to dis a fellow "Paisan"
              Looking back, I wish we would have tried the cannolis they had instead.
              Happy testing!

              1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

                Modica Gelato!!! My fave...have you guys tried that?

                OP: Cru, Fig, La Fourchette, Sermet's Corner are all walking distance from the market. As is Modica. I used to enjoy Il Cortile de Re for Italian, but haven't been in a few years since I discovered Al Di LA, but ADL is not walkable.

                Poogans Porch if you just mainly want some biscuits. Garibaldis to try their Crispy Flounder. I can't recommend these places without reservations for other items, but the mentioned ones are worth a trip.

                1. re: danna

                  We did not try Modica but will next time. Do they have more to choose from?
                  I know La Fourchette was right around the corner form Paolo's.
                  What do you recommend ? At the fork?

                  Thanks for the recommendation

                  1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

                    more to choose from at Modica? sorry, but i haven't been to Paolo's. I recommend the pistachio gelato at Modica so highly I have a hard time branching out.

                    At "the fork",i've only been once, it was late, i liked the wine...this leads to a very fuzzy memory of what I ate, only that it made me happy. I'm thinking I had a crepe for dinner and some sort of creation w/ duck confit for apps.

      2. My new favorite is Fish, on Upper King...