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Apr 15, 2009 07:38 AM

Restaurant with good salads???

I am meeting a friend who is keeping Passover for dinner tonight, so we are looking for ideas.... ideally a restaurant in Union Square area (although doesn't have to be... village, 20s, 30s fine too) with good salads, soups, other non-bread options. Let me know your ideas!!!

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  1. I adore the chop-chop salad at Jane on Houston and, I think, McDougal in the WVill (little bit of a hike from Union Square, but like one subway stop), and it's a perfect lunch place for two friends...

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      Danal, Coffee Shop has good salads and Grey Dog has salads

      1. Organique, good or Markt would be my choices

        1. houston's has great chopped salads. they have a couple of locations in the city, the ones i know of are on park ave and 27th and another one in chelsea area

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          1. re: gkang

            I don't think there is a houston's in chelsea at all

            1. re: mbs

              there isn't one in chelsea, the other is on 54th and 3rd, in the citicorp center, underneath barnes and noble... they also have great loaded baked potatoes incase you are in need of a starch substitute for the bread.

          2. too late for you, but Petite Abeille has nice salads.