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Apr 15, 2009 07:24 AM

Anyone been to Q BBQ in Philly yet?

Granted I know that they just opened on Monday but I was wondering if anyone has been there yet, and was very interested in the BBQ (since Philly is not exactly a hopping BBQ destination based upon the other offerings in town).

BTW-Q BBQ & Tequila is where Philadelphia Fish and Co. was in case you don't know.

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  1. Looks like I'm going tonight, so I'll report back.

    I live right around the corner from Q, and imagined that once they opened, I would smell the delicious perfume of smoked meats emanating from their kitchen vents. But so far, nothing. I am a little disappointed.

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    1. re: gina

      We tried Q and it was a C or a D. Noting exciting for the most part except the brisket, which was thinly sliced, juicy, and smoky tasting. The chicken is pretty good too. The baked beans had an odd taste to them (my wife thought spaghetti-o's for some reason) but they didn't taste like baked beans generally taste. Weird comes to my mind, but neither in a good or a bad way. The pulled pork was pretty dry and nothing to write home about and the mac and cheese was pretty generic-tasting. The cole slaw suffered from too much mayo and the fries with the chicken were woefully underdone...soggy and greasy. The ribs were pretty bad. Extremely dry and least they were not too fatty. Even with a knife, I could not navigate through one of them. The sauces that are served with the stuff is pretty average too. For dessert, the bread pudding was pretty deviod of flavor and had a distinctive hot pocket in the center of it that screamed "microwave" to me. Combined with the fact that the not-too-enthused staff (not rude mind you, but just "going through the motions") has not gotten around to putting up umbrellas out front for the tables, it would be a safe bet to pass on it for now. To put it in perspective, it's no better than Famous Dave's and LaBan will probably give it one star if this keeps up.

      The search for "real" BBQ in Philly continues...Adam Gertler are you out there?

      1. re: bluehensfan

        Anyone tried Bebe’s Barbecue in Italian Market? Got a blurb on Foobooz. I never even noticed it.

        Nick's Charcoal Pit at 13th & Snyder isn't bad. BBQ sauce is great but other that nothing all that special.

        1. re: barryg

          Nick's is pretty good for sandwiches, but skip the BBQ. There is no smoker there. I think the ribs are parboiled then slapped on the grill.

          1. re: barryg

            Bebe's just opened like last week. They are very good. Very authentic and the staff is super friendly. They seem to still be ironing out the kinks but check them out. They have typical italian market hours. Closed Mon, open every other day till like 6.

          2. re: bluehensfan

            I agree, overall it was about a C--both times. I can't say we found the brisket too exciting the first night; it was not very juicy or smoky. I did like the sparse drizzle of slightly spicy sauce, which saved it a little. Not bad, but not great, either. On the other hand, I really liked the pulled pork; it was tender and had that delicious vinegary tang. I had it again as a sandwich last night and it was still good, but you're right about the cole slaw that topped it--too much mayo. I wished the roll was a little more interesting--again, not bad, not great.

            I LOVED the mac 'n' cheese, but learned it has to be enjoyed while it's hot. When it cools down a little, it loses its creaminess and flavor pretty quickly. The collard greens were very good--just the right amount of salt, just tender enough without being soggy, and a generous amount of pork throughout.

            We're basically on the same page with the ribs--the first time they were tough with okay flavor, the second time, tough, dry and less okay flavor.

            A couple of other things we tried: hot 'n' honey wings, which were tasty and meaty; and the Texas Tommy, which was fine for what it is--a gigantic sausage wrapped in bacon.

            I had such a bad experience at Famous Dave's, that nothing so far has come close for me--Q included.

            1. re: gina

              I just had a positive lunch experience at Q bbq. My friend ordered the pulled pork sammy and I had the pulled chicken burrito fllled with collard greens, cole slaw and baked beans. Both entrees came with a ton of fries. I would recommend the place if you want some decent bbq in the Old City area. It wasn't the best I've ever had but the only place close to my house and work. I also like the assortment of bbq sauces at every table.

              I have yet to try the new place in the Italian market.

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