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Apr 15, 2009 07:13 AM

Cheese Combos for Mac and Cheese

I have a fridge full of cheese and I thought about making mac and cheese for dinner tonight. I have jarlsberg, muenster, smoked gouda, mozzarella, white cheddar and parm.

What combos of these cheeses do you think would work?

What are your favorite cheese combos for Mac and Cheese?

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  1. Lately I tend to make mac & cheese whenever I need to move some of the odds and ends that seem to accumulate in my cheese drawer. Sometimes that means that I'll have 6 or 7 types of cheese in my mac. It always works well. I will avoid the blues or any particularly strong flavored cheeses and shred up whatever I have that's become too meager to serve, add to a bechamel and go from there.
    So to answer your question, I think they'd all work well together. I'd add the parm to some panko or other bread crumbs for a topping.

    1. I'd definitely use the smoked gouda!

      Like koan I usally use whatever odds and ends I have in the fridge. I particularly like flavored cheeses like cheddar with peppers or horseradish.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        That is too funny...I was just about to post that I would use anything BUT the smoked gouda and I wouldn't hesitate to use the 'blues'- in small doses they add a really nice kick to a Mac and Cheese.

        Though I do add half my cheese mixture to the bechamel, I also layer that with some of the grated cheese plain. This makes for a more complex 'mouth' experience.

        And I, too would save the parm for the topping, with some good homemade bread crumbs mixed with olive oil, parm, salt, pepper and oregano.

        1. re: LJS

          I like the layering idea. I ended up using everything but the smoked gouda. I put white cheddar, muenster and Jarlsberg in the bechamel and parm in with the breadcrumbs on top. I set aside a little bechamel and put the smoked gouda in it and it was too much for me. I decided to venture and try this smoked gouda I'd never had before, well it tastes so much like parm that it just overpowered everything. I'll have to find another use for it!

          1. re: krisrishere

            Glad the layering idea worked for you. I don't know what it is about that smoked gouda, but I share your is definitely, for me, a 'cheese plate' cheese and NOT an ingredient.

            1. re: krisrishere

              Use the smoked gouda as a snack slicing cheese at Room Temperature.

              Nothing says "home" like a glass-domed cheesekeeper on the table, with a knife by the side, ready to be eaten with crisp sliced apple or Asian pear.


              1. re: FoodFuser

                see, I love smoked gouda in mac and cheese. honestly, although i've only eaten there once, I hear that OG uses smoked gouda in all their recipes, and that's what draws all the customers in! lol

        2. Bern's Steakhouse in nearby Tampa is well known for its mac-n-cheese side. They use fontina and asiago, plus truffle oil. It's $17 and worth it (strong statement from a cheapskate like me) but it will serve 3 or 4. Aside from the largest wine cellar in America, they have a cave for ageing their cheeses, so they take this seriously.

          1. honestly? I'd use all but the parm in the sauce (and have done so to great success) and mix some grated parm with bread crumbs and butter and sprinkle on top....

            sounds like my fam's favorite mac and cheese that i make.

            oh wait, I just saw the mozz.... I dont' use that, I sub in monterey jack instead, but hey, give it a go?