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Apr 15, 2009 06:27 AM

New food in Montgomery Village

I was at Trader Joe's yesterday and there are 3 new places in the shopping center: Mayhan Kabob, Pho & Grill and Crisp & Juicy. Has anyone had a chance to try them out yet?

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  1. C&J is good in Rockville, and reasonably priced. Peruvian style chicken, steak, yucca, rice and beans, etc.

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      The Crisp and Juicy in Montgomery Village is wildly variable, to the point where I probably would skip it if it weren't so conveniently located to my house. The last time I picked up though, the chicken was really good - crisp skin and very strongly spiced while still maintaining a juicy breast.

    2. Here's Pho & Grill's website - haven't been myself as they only opened last week but I'll give it a try soon.

      1. I've stopped by Mayhan a couple of times before shopping at Trader Joe's. This is an Afghan family enterprise. The meat is Halal with excellent Lamb. It's a good change from Moby Dick. Their Qabili Palau didn't live-up to my memories from more formal dining restaurants, but I've enjoyed the kabob and vegs.

        I hadn't noticed the Pho place. Need to check it out and try their summer rolls.

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          Just wanted to chime in here after many months and say that we finally went to Mayhan tonight and it was really good. I had the lamb kabob and the boyfriend had the chicken karayee. Both were great - the lamb was tender and really flavorful and came with a huge scoop of brown rice, a small salad and stewed greens. The chicken karayee (which I'd never heard of before today) was really good and very different than anything I'd had before flavor wise. They also have fresh squeezed juices - we both had pineapple but they had a few others as well.

          The man behind the counter was very nice (and not bad looking!) The bill came out to about $30 for two for a gigantic amount of food. They also serve fried chicken with traditional southern sides - that's a little weird in an Afghan restaurant but I'm tempted to try it just to see. Evidently they also deliver in a 3 mile radius; I'll have to test that.

        2. mayhan kabob's lamb chops are the best dish i've had there, well-seasoned and ahmad cooks them to the perfect temperature. pho & grill is a new concept from the family that owned and operated the various nam's restaurants throughout the area years ago. the minced pork roll is an absolute necessity every visit. the grilled meats at other vietnamese restaurants tend to be chewy and dry; pho & grill's are very tender and moist. the pho broth, while i prefer a darker broth, has a very nice texture that coats the back of your throat. onion and scallion are more in the forefront in their broth compared to others i usually eat. i'll be there at least once a week. it's way better than the new place that opened in germantown next to lotte. they just need culantro on the plate of garnishes! crisp & juicy has been open since this past thursday and has had a nonstop flow of customers; the chicken, as advertised, is definitely crispy and juicy and the spicy sauce, as simple as it is, is addictive.

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            When you say the various "nam's restaurants" do you mean like Pho Nam on Shady Grove?

            Glad to hear that Crisp & Juicy is open!

            1. re: reiflame

              nope, nam's of wheaton, nam's of bethesda, etc. pho nam on shady grove is going to lose a lot of business to pho & grill unfortunately

              1. re: baconupthatsausage

                Maybe, maybe not - there are a ton of businesses in the immediate area of Pho Nam, so it makes for a convenient lunch locale.