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Apr 15, 2009 05:14 AM

pahrump nv

about 40 bikers heading up from ca mostly cops and firemen whats the real deal never been

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  1. In the words of Gertrude Stein "There is no there there". You may want to check out one of the small hotel/casinos there. I think Pahrump has three or four.

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      GEEZ 35000 PEOPLE and nothing good no mom and pops or ethnic

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        Pahrump was, until the Vegas sprawl, a pit stop between Las Vegas and Death Valley. Now, development has pushed distant exurbia all the way out there, with subdivisions for retirees and others, plus shopping centers, big box stores and chain restaurants (and the parking lots they require) blanketing the desert..Also, thee seem to be some more upmarket homes on the nearby hillsides. If you look at, you'll see mostly chains.

        There IS, surprisngly, a small vineyard and a winery (Pahrump Valley Winery) that has it's own restaurant (Symphony) on the outskirts of own. I've stopped there to taste the wines and have some nibbles, but frankly, I can't remember much about either.

    2. Seriously? Pack a picnic or go back to Las Vegas. In the many years I have lived here and in at least a dozen trips to Pahrump, I've never had anything good to eat there.

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        picnic for forty id need a tractor trailer joking

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          A few weeks ago we went to Death Valley for the day with friends (from Vegas) and on the way home we were all craving Mexican food. I thought for sure there would be a Mexican place in you say, 35,000 people. But no such luck. In fact, as others have pointed out, there is very little other than fast food and a few local's casinos. We ended up driving all the way to Vegas and having Mexican food there. (At Agave, which is probably the closest Mexican restaurant to Pahrump :-) When I commented on the dearth of ethnic places there, my husband reminded me that this was the town that once banned illegal immigrants.....and that even those that are legal avoid the place. So maybe potential restauranteurs are afraid that if they open an ethnic place in Pahrump, no one will come....

        2. Not quite an ethnic restaurant , and not sure about accomodating a large group.....

          Symphony's at the Winery is on my list for a working lunch my next trip through Pahrump, NV
          A recommendation from QAW....Thanks!

          Pahrump Valley Wine & Symp Res
          3810 Winery Rd, Pahrump, NV