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Apr 15, 2009 05:12 AM

unimpressed with artichoke

Been in town 3 days now with 2 to go. Had the sicilian slice at artichoke thought it was almost unedible. A salty, thick crusty mess. Did like the scottish lox and the herring in cream sauce with onions at russ and daughters. Katz pastrami may be better than say carnegie but i wouldnt make a trip of it if i were in midtown, Truffle egg toast at inoteca just ok and although tasty the buns at momofuku saam are a bit overrated and hyped imo. mousaka at nicks terrible. Pizza at nizza terrible, ate there after arriving late sunday evening to find johns closed. I did very much enjoy the steak tartare at pigalle. Previously have had the slices at Patsys ues and Difara both delicious. also liked lombardis ,johns and grimaldi pies in past. Going to clinton street bakery this morn and hoping for some better luck the rest of the way.

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  1. What do you plan on ordering at CSBC? Also, what are your plans for the rest of your time here (food/restaurant wise)?

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Had the banana walnut pancakes and happy to say very very good and filing.Great coffee also.Went back to artichoke for a slice of margarita so so nothing special. Will probably to moustache and spotted pig for lunches and gramercy, the tavern and either via emelia or l'artusi for dinner.Any other recos.

      1. re: mick

        In general I feel the crust at Artichoke is too thick, so if you didn't like the Sicilian, you probably won't like the regular, aritchoke, or crab slices.

        1. re: kathryn

          i thought the crab slice was AWFUL. The peppers kill it.

        2. re: mick

          Glad to hear it, Mick. Never been to Moustache, but have heard good things. If you go to Spotted Pig, try the burger and report back. I'd choose L'Artusi over Via Emilia any day. Great pastas, starters, drinks...

      2. Ouch. Sounds like you're off to a rough start.

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        1. re: Slob

          i find it odd that the report about A. Basille's was poor. I think there's a ton of flavor in the slices. MAYBE a TAD greasy, but I'm a greasy ginny so what can I say. : )

          1. re: Ms.Munchie

            i dunno...i rhink rhe artichoke slice itself is pretty dreadful....the sort of thing someone woujld whip up after a rush to the conveneince store when the boss announces he'd like to drop in for cocktails....a boboli, a jar of dip, etc.

            the square's a little better, but that crust needs more crispness or more flavor to overcome the thickness.

            1. re: david sprague

              I've never tried the crab or artichoke slices because I'm not into that sort of pizza experience. I don't find gloppy garbage pizzas at all appetizing. But I do love the square slice. There's not much cheese on there. The basil is delicious, and the sauce is very flavorful, which I like. I'm big on a flavorful sauce and basil and some olive oil flavors.

              1. re: Slob

                YES! I love the Basil. I can see what you are saying Sprague - about the thickness seeming sort of convenience store-ISH - maybe kind of like a GENIUS version of a pan pizza by Dominos ) - DID I JUST SAY THAT??? - BUT - that is so brutal! I GET what you are saying for some reason BUT i can't agree - (i am sure i ruined your day with this - LOL) - i think this square slice is PACKED WITH FLAVOR.

              2. re: david sprague

                david i agree the square is the thing and it has quite an interesting history.

                i got one right when they first opened the place and as i recall it broke in half and crumbled. i got pizza all over me.

                next time i went back i got one that was fresh from the oven but still soaked in grease. absurdly so. gross (but of course i ate it - heh).

                more recently i've been back a couple times and the squares were just about perfect.

                so over time i got to hand it to them, they upped their square game.

                1. re: david sprague

                  I love an extra thick crust with a good char on the bottom... if only Boboli or Dominos could provide that. People are finicky about pizza crust, so to each their own, but for me it was the best part of Artichoke (but I haven't been back since the price increases)

                  1. re: sugartoof

                    ok, described that way, you're right sugartoof, Artichoke makes a good one of those! Out of curiousity, how do you like the toppings there? I did not go for the artichoke itself, too creamy/gloppy, but the tomato sauce, a bit too raw tasting for me, sort of acidic. (I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with raw, raw tomatoes are just fine, I'm trying to describe a certain aggressiveness Arti brings out in their pizza sauce)

                    Oh, also, you can achieve something akin to that "thick with a good crunchy char on the bottom" effect at home with "french bread" pizza. OK, I know...

                    1. re: acidity

                      I actually thought their tomato sauce was too sweet.

                      1. re: kathryn

                        I love their tomato sauce. The combo of the pungent sauce and the fragrant basil is dynamite to me. It's a strong sauce, though, and some people don't prefer that on their pizza. I'm a fan of those bold flavors though.

                      2. re: acidity

                        I only get the square slice at Artichokes. I also order a whole pie just about every time so I can skip the line and so I have tons of leftovers.

                        If you can't stomach a seriously charged, on the verge of burnt crust, then avoid. Otherwise, this pizza is tops. I prefer it even to DiFara, and I don't have to wait 2 hours in a cramped room to get it.

                        1. re: heWho

                          went back to try the margarita slice just cause so many people like atichoke but i too thot the sauce was just too sweet. Had a great burger at spotted pig and ended up eating dinner at the bar at gramercy tavern had a great merguez dish flavors bursting, the other 3 not so memorable.

                          1. re: mick

                            that merguez dish is is much of GT bar menu. glad you enjoyed!

                        2. re: acidity

                          For someone who likes a well done thick crust, french bread pizza is not the same.

                          I thought the artichoke topping was ridiculous and soupy, just like people complain, but I enjoyed it anyway. Even when it slid off the slice and made a mess. It was a guilty pleasure thing, but the crust was close to perfect.
                          After that,I've only had the square, which was a bit grease heavy and I changed my mind about the sauce every other bite. It's not the best pizza I've ever had, but for a dark crust lover it's got enough going for it. There aren't many better options.