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your favorite dog friendlyplaces to eat-in 914

pleasae list your favorites-thanks

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  1. Dog friendly? Only place I ever heard of was down in NYC.
    As far as I understand it, no animals are allowed within an eat-in restuarant which has an operating kitchen et al.

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      Call the West Cty Board of Health for a list of Dog Friendly Restaurants.

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        Yup, I was pretty sure dogs aren't allowed in restaurants, and that includes NYC. I've seen people sitting outside at tables with their dogs, but never inside.

      2. That "Bringfido" site emphasizes a point other have made: it's a guide to places "that will welcome Fido to join you at an outdoor table." Unless it's a service animal (e.g. a seeing eye dog) you can't bring pets into a restaurant in New York State.

        1. the only way a dog is allowed inside a restaurant is if it is a seeing eye dog....

          1. Maybe Coffee Labs in Tarrytown, but it's not a restaurant.

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              I was just about to post something along the very same lines.

            2. Some places do not even allow me to eat at the table outside with jfood.

              And many will not allow a Seeing Eye Dog in Training into the restaurant either (been ther, not done that). They have to have passed The Test, and be working with their master. I took the course and failed, went to Therapy School and passed the test and am a fully licensed Therapy Dog. I still have to sit in the car watching the jfoods eat the food about 20 feet away in one of their patio dining spots.

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                We had dinner in the Korean restaurant on Central avenue, Kam Suh, with a couple and their big service dog. The management couldn't have been nicer. the dog was wearing his cape and behaved beautifully.

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                  we ve been to coffe labs,
                  also outdoors at
                  -lias hartsdale(closed)
                  -bedford post inn
                  -love cafe
                  still looking for more ideas- thanks to all

              2. I've seen dogs at the outdoor tables at Horsefeathers in Tarrytown. They even brought out a bowl of water for the little guy. It was a small dog, so I'm not sure really what their policy is for larger dogs.

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                  yes, we ve done horsefethers many times outdoors, very dog friendly place indeed

                2. not sure how far 914 extends, but armadillo mexican in kingston, ny is extremely dog friendly. they especially love pitbulls, but allow any and all friendly dogs.

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                    ^ thanks for the heads up. I'll know to avoid it.

                  2. Horsefeathers in Tarrytown (outside) gives my 28 pound Tibetan Terrier his own water bowl and they welcomed him at lunch so far at Lefteris Gyro, also in Tarrytown (and also outside). Dogs are always welcome at Stone Barn outdoor cafe (not the restaurant, the casual pick up food area in the stone courtyard)......Striped Bass on the river in Tarrytown may allow the dog on the outdoor deck; one time they allowed us another time they didn't you should call ahead. I never tried it but you could probably call Harvest in Hastings and Red Hat in Irvington and ask about bringing your dog to the outside areas that don't require walking through the restaurant. In the recession we are finding everyone is alot nicer about this sort of stuff (Red Hat for example used to be rude about bringing my human children and now they welcome them). Good luck!

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                      thx done horsefeathers many times, done outside red hat by h20, done stone barns many times, thanks

                    2. I've sat outside with my dog at the Cup and Saucer opposite the train station in Bronxville. It's a fairly wide sidewalk and thus very pleasant for lunch on a sunny, spring afternoon.

                      1. Here is my list of outdoor dining restaurants that are dog friendly:
                        Cafe Regatta - Pelham
                        Sugar and Spice Cafe - City Island, NY - Weekends only Fri - Sun
                        Lusardi's - Larchmont
                        Turquoise - Larchmont
                        Globe - Larchmont
                        Cosi's - New Rochelle

                        Going out to dinner is one of my dog's favorite activities

                        1. Hi:

                          If you have suggestions about dog friendly places to eat in the area, please do post about them. However, general discussions about whether or not it is appropriate for places to allow dogs are beyond the scope of this board.

                          Thank you.