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Apr 14, 2009 08:20 PM

Goin to Vegas this Saturday, whats good?!

im goin to vegas for one day/night. Im looking for something upscale without the price. I looked at the menu for thomas keller's joint and it was just a little bit more than i really wanna pay. Can you duders recomend a little somethin for a laid off chowhounder?



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  1. Try the Southwest board for Vegas. (The answer to your question, by the way, is Rosemary's or Todd's.)

    1. I really like Atelier D' Joel Rubochon, though its not exactly cheap. Other than that I find that Burger Bar was a great meal and had a great beer selection.

      1. Get off the strip and head to Raku. $10 cab ride at most and most diverse Japanese food you will ever consume (for the $ that is). Kobe beef skewers, foie gras custard soup, tuna sashimi 2 ways (toro and reg) which was excellent...Its an awesome joint.

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          right on. is there any super high end buffets or anything like that? i just really badly want to eat duck con fit but do not want to pay more than like 20 buck for it, ha!