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Apr 14, 2009 07:53 PM

Preparing kosher steak

I saw a kosher steak at the store and I bought it because I am curious what it taste like. I was about to season it the way I usually do but then I realized that kosher meat is usually heavily salted at first for an hour or so. So I wanted to know if I can just salt and pepper it as usual or should I avoid any seasoning?

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  1. i'd go easier on the salt than you normally would. *real* kosher cuts are not as tender as what most americans are used to eating. filet mignon and tenderloin are cut from the rear of the cow, which is not kosher. you may have a hanger or blade steak, which is definitely more toothsome.

    1. Most regular cuts of kosher meats are rinsed well enough that you can season normLLY - the one you have to look out for are kosher skirt steaks those can be quite salty and would need no further salt

      1. I cook exclusively kosher meat at home. I find that the non-kosher cuts I eat in restaurants are a lot less salty than what I make at home. However I do like my meat a bit salty so I season w/ pinches of kosher salt (less salty than table salt). What cut did you buy? Kosher cuts don't have the same "names" as non kosher cuts which is a continual struggle for me in following non-kosher recipes. Like where does side steak come from? And is pepper steak just the trimmings from flank steak? This stuff is never clarified by kosher butchers. That said, check out the cut you purchased. Many cuts require longer cooking / braising and don't do as well with the rapid searing and cooking that tenderloins etc can be subjected to. However the flavor can be quite wonderful as long as you cook the meat in a manner most appropriate to the cut.

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          but rib steaks and rib eyes are the same and an excellent steak -