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Apr 14, 2009 07:44 PM

Inner Harbor Restaurants?

Would anyone have any suggestions at to where my girlfriend and I can find a nice meal at a reasonable price near inner harbour next to the Aquarium? We are going to be down there May 4th and 5th but I've never been and have no idea of the surrouding area. Also, we will be on foot and I'd rather not venture where I am not welcome.

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  1. Almost everything within sight of the Aquarium are chain offerings: Hard Rock Cafe, PF Changs, Chipotle, Cheesecake Factory, Capital Grille, etc. Instead I would take the pedestrian bridge just east of the Aquarium, past President Street, to either the Little Italy or Harbor East neighborhoods. Plenty of thoughts expressed on this board about restaurants there, but here are a few to search: Cinghiale, Lebanese Taverna, Amiccis, Isabellas, Pazo, Charleston.

    Yes you can enjoy the Inner Harbor area without resorting to a chain.

    P.S. One place on Pratt Street I forgot to mention: Miss Shirleys Cafe, for delicious breakfast-y food for lunch!

    1. Go with bordeauxfan's recommendation and head to Harbor East. It's an easy walk ( < 10 min.) by heading east on Pratt St, right on President St. until it dead ends on Lancaster. The walk will be no problem during the late afternoon/early evening. You can also cut through the back of the Inner Harbor along the water which will make the walk more pleasant. Since you'll be there May 5, I recommend going to Cinghiale for the Tuesday 1/2 price bottles of wine from 5- 7 PM. It's a steal for a restaurant with such a great wine list! You may also want to consider walking to Little Italy one night (maybe Monday). Another very easy walk from the Inner Harbor - stroll east on Pratt St., right down President and left on Eastern.

      If you're up for drinks after dinner, continue walking along the water to Fell's Point (east <left> on Lancaster) and hit some bars. I did this very thing a few weeks ago when we had nice weather. First, I had a great dinner at Lebanese Taverna in Harbor East and then walked to Fell's and sat at the outside chairs in front of Duclaw.

      1. I, too, echo bordeauxfan's recommendations. Stay away from the Inner Harbor as there is nothing there but Mall food.