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Apr 14, 2009 07:34 PM

Need good honky-tonks in Cajun Country

Hi all,

We're going to be flying in/out of New Orleans for a guys weekend/food tour the weekend of May 7-10. Friday we're going to have Boudin along the way for lunch, Crawfish @ Hawk's for dinner, and do Fred's lounge for 'breakfast' Sat.

In this case I feel pretty good about the food side of the equation, but am looking for some good bar recommendations for Friday night in the Rayne/Eugene area. I'm looking for small, local, [cajun] honkey-tonks - places we wouldn't likely find on our own. I'm thinking something like the (now defunct) Alligator Bayou Bar in Baton Rouge, or similar. We'd like to have a good time,

Any recommendations?


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    1. Where are y'all going to be staying Friday night?

      Also, Eugene, LA is a new one on me. Do you mean Eunice?

      Willie's Campground Tavern/Lounge in Washington is about as close to the Gator Bar as you are probably going to get. Low key scene and it has great live music (when they schedule it). Also, the Steamboat Warehouse across Bayou Courtableu is a great place to have drinks/dinner before heading to Willie's.


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        Thx for recommendations. Yes - cajunfoodie - Eunice (my grandmother's name -you'd think I could get it right).

        1. re: sabarrett

          Nick's in Eunice has live music also, but it is not quite honky tonkish.


      2. Drive 12 miles to Lafayette and check out Blue Moon Saloon. Crazy good time on the back porch with live band every weekend and most week nights also. Lots of other good live music venues in downtown Laf at night.