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Apr 14, 2009 07:28 PM

Quebec City - recommendations please


Since my 5 1/2 year old has a week off school this week - because we all know how a class of 8 kids can be taxing on a teacher - a few weeks after spring break - we are going to Quebec City for 2 nights (Thurs. and Fri). Now, despite the fact that my husband and I enjoy pretty much any kind of food and are very adventurous eaters, my progeny does not and is not. Still, we won't eat at St. Hubert BBQ or the like, so I'm looking for some recs for restaurants where I can take a well behaved 5 1/2 yr. old, but there must be some "dumbed" down offerings for him - and some yummier stuff for us - doesn't have to be fancy - but well prepared. For instance, something like Lemeac, or ethnic restaurants (except for Indian) - if that gives you an idea.

Thanks chows.

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  1. Where will you be staying and will you have a car?

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      Definitely have a car and staying at a family oriented hotel, run by the Jaro group - I believe it's called the Hotel Quebec (ridiculously original).

    2. Café du Monde in Old Port or le Cochon Dingue in petit Champlain are also good and family oriented, also a Quebec local favorite low cost but good le Buffet de l'Antiquaire on St-Paul street

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        Thanks. You have been a great help. I will make a list with your recs.

        I just read your profile - too bad I'm not there longer - I'm a personal Chef - I could repay the favour with some meals LOL.

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          L'Echaudee is a good bistro, if the little one will eat at Lemeac, he should be fine there. I strongly recommend Paillard for breakfasts and lunches (and chocolates and macarons) as well - a great place for kids. And there's a very good ice cream place on St. Jean - can't think of the name offhand, although I think it's been mentioned before, right across from the Piazzetta restaurant (which was not exactly the best pizza I've ever had - best to skip that one...)

      2. Brynd's Smoked meat on Macguire in Sillery for yummy Smoked meat. Lapin Sauté in the Bas Ville is yummy as well. For the lapin Sauté take the steps down and then the Fenicular back up to the Chateau. 17C today and gorgeous weather all week.....mmmm I love spring!

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          Brynd's Smoked meat have a second location! In front of the train station next to Pizza Mag so you can enjoy the smoke meat in Old city. Another restaurant with smoked meat is Joe's smoked meat on St-Vallier at the angle of Dorchester, no french fries but excellent meat.

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            Thanks everyone!

            Got back yesterday from a very enjoyable stay in Montreal. We had supper at Pain Beni on Thursday night, my husband enjoyed it more than I did, only because my son overdid it in the pool and wasn't feeling well at supper and after complaining of a terrible stomachache, fell asleep in my arms (and let's not forget he's 5 1/2 - so not a baby) which made it quite hard to enjoy food- but they were very accomodating, great service and pretty good food. Breakfasts was just easier to eat at the hotel so we did. Lunch on Friday was Paillard - LOVED the place. I didn't eat, but hubby and Noah did, and I did buy a brioche to eat later that was delish. Supper was at the Cochon Dingue- again, not mind blowing food, but certainly fresh, and well made. I ordered a sucre a la creme tarte which was horrible - but again, the service was fantastic and the place full of charm.
            Bought some chocolates from the Musee de chocolat Erico, very good indeed - and overall had a great time.