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Apr 14, 2009 07:12 PM

Grating ginger

I tried grating ginger for an Indian recipe tonight. (Grating was called for in the recipe.) I was supposed to end up with 1 tbsp. grated ginger, and I started with a pretty hefty knob of ginger.

I *may* have gotten a teaspoon. The problem with the grater is, most of the ginger clings to the grater! or, should I say, the sharp points and the interstices between them. I ran a dull blade in diagonals through those spaces, but that doesn't help much.

I used the coarser face of a box grater that has coarse and fine faces. (The other two are more like staggered holes for grating cheese).

Any suggestions? Using a grater for this task seems more trouble than it's worth.


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  1. Use a microplane or the edge of a spoon.

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      microplane, definitely.

      the spoon method is great for scraping off the peel/skin, but doesn't work so well for grating if the ginger is really fibrous.

      1. Peel and freeze the ginger then mircoplane. Keep it frozen all the time until you need it. Works for me.

        1. Microplane. When finished, use the small piece of ginger still in your fingers to remove the adhering grated ginger from both sides of the utensil. Little waste. By the way, be prepared, you typically get a lot of joice as liquid using a microplane, so grate into a container with sides.

          1. As per everyone else - microplane it is. Also does a 'grate' job on hard cheese and garlic. You don't even have to peel the garlic, just cut one end off. I remember 20 years ago getting strange looks because I had a Stanley surform plane in the kitchen.

            The other thing I always keep in the kitchen drawer is one of those multi-tools. Used it yesterday to pull pin bones from fish and get the sinews out of a turkey leg.

            One other thing is a sharp edged spoon where I ground down the end and one side so I could scoop stuff out. Has anyone seen a commercial version of this? I had to wrap elastic bands round the handle to stop people using it as an ordinary spoon.