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Apr 14, 2009 06:54 PM

Growing Micro-Greens

I have tried sprouting... pretty easy to do.

Now - I would like to try growing micro-greens... I think this is similar growing an indoor garden... A shallow tray, some soil, the seeds and some water...

Anyone have any luck with this? Should I soak and pre-sprout the seeds first?

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  1. It is very easy and fast to grow micro greens. No need to pre-sprout. Just keep the soil moist especially in the beginning.

    I liked that idea:

    1. I tried it only once, but had good results. It's basically the same as starting plants for transplanting into garden soil. You left out one ingredient, light. You might want to hang one or two compact fluorescent lights a few inches above the plants if they don't get lots of direct sunlight. And don't use a potting soil that contains fertilizer. That tends to make seedlings that grow fast but are pale and scrawny (and probably don't taste like much of anything). Don't use any fertilizer at all until the first cutting, then add some fish meal or synthetic fertilizer (if you're not a purist) to the water.

      1. Does anyone have a recommended/favorite place I can buy micro green seeds online? Is there a particular type that is preferred?

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          I've used a couple of seed mixes, but didn't care for them. They all seem to include plants I don't like as microgreens or would rather grow separately (like arugula or mustard or kale). I just buy 3 or 4 varieties of lettuce seed and mix them. Oak leaf (red and/or green), and a couple of varieties of romaine are a good place to start, and some frissee if you like a touch of bitterness in your greens. Botanical Interests is a seed company that has lots of lettuce varieties (one of my favorites is the romaine variety they call "Freckles"). They also sell several mixes if you want to go that way. Maybe you can find them at a local garden store. I've never seen their seeds at the big box stores. You can also buy direct:

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            I am in Canada so I use this place but they ship to US -

            here is a us based one with alot of detail on sprouting & micro-greens...

          2. I have found a way to answer my own original post....



            I started my first two trays today.... a broccoli brassica mix & in the 2nd tray - arugula, mizuna, and lamb's lettuce