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Apr 14, 2009 06:24 PM

White Plains

We are staying at the Ritz in White Plains and looking to have 2 great dinners during our stay. We are not familiar with the area at all but are willing to go to another nearby town if necessary. We are not interested in Indian or Sushi or a very fancy jacket and tie restaurant . We would like something with more of a NYC vibe.

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  1. BLT at the Ritz is definately a city vibe and so is 42 at the Ritz...
    For a good italian meal La Bocca around the corner from the Ritz on Church Street.
    Peniche down the street from the Ritz is a NYC type tapas restaurant.

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        you can ask for your steak light on the salt..

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          BLT is great! Who doesn't love salt?!?!? (honestly, never even noticed that)

      2. This subject seemed rather familar so I looked around and found this thread:

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            Peniche is a great option - very tasty tapas, great drinks, and lots of fun. Soma 107 is another great options for a "city" vibe. They've done a great job with this place - very open and inviting, nicely decorated, large bar, and the food is excellent. If you are going on the weekend I would suggest Saturday night when they have a live band, as opposed to Friday night when there's a dj - unless of course that's what you are looking for.

          2. I heard BLT is closing.... Not sure of the timing.

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              That is funny you say that about BLT. I heard the same thing but they always seem to be crowded.

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                Yeah, that's what I don't understand - always full when I've gone. We'll see if that turns out to be true.

                1. re: wpfoodie

                  i heard from two different sources last week that BLT was closing. Maybe the rent is too high and they can't turn a profit...There is a BLT in most of the Ritz Carlton hotels.

            2. If you're looking for an NYC vibe, why not get on the train and head into Grand Central rather than trying to hunt it up in White Plains? Only takes about 35 minutes.

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                I second the vote for Soma 107. The charred baby octopus was one of the best appetizers I've ever had and the Ahi Tuna was an unbelievable entree.
                Given your criteria, I also think you'd be happy at Peniche (both walking distance).

                If you don't mind driving to Yonkers, x20 has a great reputation and view. I recommend the Ravioli with short ribs and truffle butter, and the ahi tuna (completely different from Soma 107 but also amazing).

                Finally, if you want some great homemade pasta at unbelievable prices, I heartily recommend The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry. The chef used to work at Babbo. The outside has a NYC/warehouse/meatpacking district vibe, but the inside is way more laid-back - more of like a bar you would find in the Village. The food is simple, but will definitely not disappoint. Order the crostino of fresh ricotta, truffle honey and thyme (I know if sounds simple, but I could've eaten it all night).

                If you're looking for chic: Soma 107 and Peniche. If you're looking for elegant with great view: x20. If you're looking for laid-back/Village: The Cookery. Food is excellent at all.

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                  Gee, rjbh20, as a New Yorker I am very aware I could hop into the city for an array of fabulous restaraunts -but that was not my question!