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Apr 14, 2009 06:24 PM

Cafe Amelie Suggestions

I see from my friend-generated itinerary that I'm going during to Cafe Amelie during the Fest for dinner and I know nothing about this place. Not that I know all that much about New Orleans, but what I know tells me to worry about a FQ place I've never heard of.
Searching this board I find "beautiful patio" and "brunch" coming up alot but few specifics on what's good and what isn't.
Should I be worried?
Thanks for all your wonderful help,

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  1. No worries. It is indeed a fabulous courtyard, but I think the food is underrated. Try the crab cake. Also a great place if you'd like to have some absinthe. They have the most extensive absinthe menu I've seen.

    1. Bob: I think that they have one of the best courtyards in the Quarter for dining, but I am not too keen on the food. The crabcakes are pretty good and I was unaware that they have an extensive absinthe menu, which in my opinion is worth checking out. I find the food to be okay, but the courtyard and ambiance may compensate for that. Don't worry! You will be in NOLA and food tends to taste better there no matter where you are.