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Good Fried Chicken

I saw a thread from 2004 regarding fried chicken but nothing recent. I'm looking for good fried chicken I don't have to cook myself.

My mostest mostest favorite is Golden Bird. They are few and far between now and open and close quicker than... Anyway. while everyone was running to Porky's in Inglewood for the bbq, I went for the golden bird chicken. I know they've moved but really don't have the gumption to drive to San Pedro to find out they don't have it since it's no longer on the Golden Bird site.

I've tried the one on Avalon in Gardena and it was pitiful. That chicken had no love in it. The only other chicken I've tasted that would make me commit bigamy was made by a friend who pasted a while ago. So if anyone can recommend something in the South Bay I'm all over it.

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  1. There should be several threads, search again or just go to Flossie's in Torrance.

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      I heard of Flossie's but have never been.

    2. Pann's has the best tried chicken in the city, as far as I'm concerned. Great crunchy (but not too thick) crust and very juicy meat. Take the breast home for something else (it's a little too dry), but the thigh, wings, and drumsticks are even better than the old Porky's, in my opinion. Incidentally, Porky's also has a place in Long Beach.

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        Pann's is good also, get some of their buscuits & gravy.

      2. Honey's Fried Chicken, there's one in Culver City but the original is in compton, I believe.

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          You are talking about Honey's Kettle. Good, though expensive. A lacy crust. Made to order, so service is pretty slow. They used to advertise two-for-one two-piece combos in the LATimes but not the last month or so.

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            I prefer the Compton Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken. Better and friendlier service than the Culver City one. They were running some reasonably priced specials, a two thigh dinner for $5.00; reasonable for the best fried chicken around.

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              I will try the one in Compton hopefully tonight. I've been satisfying myself with chicken wings from a fish market.

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              Have you been to the Culver City location lately? There seems to have been a personnel change. The slooow girls who only cared about gossiping among themselves are gone. Replaced by semi-nicer but al least much quicker guys!

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                Good to know. Those girls probably got hired by Hot Dog On A Stick at the Santa Monica Pier.

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                  Yes I just went there last week and they have a totally revamped staff. The service was much quicker than it used to be and they got my order right. Those girls used to just stand around and took so long to fulfill orders it was a joke. It makes the food taste better, not that I mind waiting.

            3. Maurice's on Pico (if it's still there)

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                I found two on Pico thar seem to be within waling distance.

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                  sadly, maurice's is there no longer. in it's place is Chef Marilyn's soul food express.

              2. I've had Porky's Muggies Fried Chicken, and I like it even better than the old Golden Bird they used to sell. They are available at both the Long Beach and San Pedro locations. If you liked Golden Bird, I think it might be worth a drive.

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                  If it's better then Golden Bird then I definitely have to try. Would it be to much if I got Honey's and Muggies'?

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                    I'd be curious what your opinion is. I like Honey's best, but Muggies works too.

                2. We have searched around for good fried chicken and have setteled on "Johnny Reb's".
                  The chicken is cooked to order so it takes about 20 minutes, but it is worth the waite as it is served steaming hot!. It has a strong crunchy crust ans it bast with their corn bread.

                  We go to the one on Chapman, just east of the 55 fwy, and also the location in north Long Beach.

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                    For fried, as opposed to barbecued, chicken Pann's is much better, in my opinion, and it comes with their great biscuits. If you do go to Johnny Reb's, I recommend the hushpuppies, not the cornbread.

                  2. Not in the south bay, but if you make it to the SFV you should try the fried chicken at Les Sisters in Chatsworth. The food takes a while and everything is made to order. We did have a bad experience with the service last time. The waitress forgot to put in our order for fried crawfish.

                    21818 Devonshire St
                    Chatsworth, CA 91311
                    (818) 998-0755

                    Honey's Kettle in Culver City is good, but the service is unbearable.



                    1. Call the D.U.T.C. Grill in Gardena to see if they still offer the Golden Bird recipe. Even if they don't anymore, they're a soul food place and are worth a shot for fried chicken. The last time I ate there the Golden Bird super crispy skin was delightful.

                      D.U.T.C. Grill
                      14903 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90249

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                        You guys better not be getting my hopes up just to let me down. Trust to know I will try them all.

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                          Divefan, my wife brought home some GB chicken from D.U.T.C a few weeks ago and it still tasted like the old places in south LA as I remember. The only drawback to eating Golden Bird fried chicken is when it's reheated the next day. Great when it's piping hot fresh out of the fryer but soggy, oily, and lardy the next day. But man...it is the best tasting around! Crispy, crunchy, and full of cholesterol! YUM...

                        2. I know other people vilify greainess in fried chicken above all other mortal fried chicken sins, but I can forgive the sin of greasiness if the flavor is on. Chicken is such a bland meat already (at least the chicken breast is) that it quickly becomes laborious to chew if there's nothing succulent or flavorful to pull you in. (Guelaguetza's godzilla chicken in black mole... I'm staring right into your monotonous, dry, inky blackness right now...)

                          Bear in mind, I'm not saying that I like greasy chicken. But if it's a difference between greasy but juicy and flavorful versus non-greasy but bland and dry, Lord, give my greasy.

                          I'm sad to say that on my few visits, Honey's Kettle (Culver City) and Golden Bird (Inglewood) both served up bland, bland, bland, BLAND chicken. Maybe dry too... don't remember. But profoundly, unmistakably, unequivocally BLAND.

                          The one shocker I found was the Louisina Fried Chicken/Fast food Chinese place on the northeast corner of Santa Monica and La Brea (kitty-corner from Target). They close around 7 or 8, so you've gotta get there early. And it's run by Cambodian ladies (I watched their eyes bug out when I dropped the 2 Khmer words I still remember from my 3 weeks traveling there). So really, not an auspicious beginning... but DAMN was their chicken tasty! Crisp and succulent, juicy and flavorful.

                          It coulda been a fluke-- I've only been there once. But it was damned good. WAY better than the CH fried chicken favorites that get regurgitated all the time.

                          Oh yeah, Pann's is great too. Gotta give CH faves props when they're due :)

                          Mr Taster

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                            Second Louisiana. There are multiple locations throughout the city. Their catfish is also tasty.

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                              Defeating blandness is easy -- just season appropriately at least a few hours in advance. It's also easy to produce moist chicken breast without greasiness. Take it out before the dark meat to avoid overcooking! I do it all the time at home, usually with chicken-under-a-brick, which produces very crisp skin (without the weight, carbs, and calories of a coating) and succulent, firm meat, as long as you don't overcook. Why even the best homey restaurants -- Pann's, Bake 'n Broil, etc. -- have so much trouble with these simple principles is beyond me.

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                                I just avoid breast meat all together. I hate breast meat. Cos no matter how you try to tenderize, season , it will always have that fiber-like texture/taste.

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                                  I prefer thighs to breasts. (We are only talking chicken here). Pann's has great thighs.

                                  Another thought is Back Home Lahaina's Hawaiian fried chicken. Good with portuguese sausage fried rice. Not so crispy as it is flavorful.

                              2. It's not typical, but what about Kyochon?

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                                  Agreed, Korean, Chinese, Hawaiian all bring something special to the concept of "fried" chicken. speaking of which, I noticed that Harry's in Gardena opened up on Redondo Beach Blvd. Is that related to the old venerable Harry's that used to serve Great Hawaiian fried chicken?

                                  1. re: Ogawak

                                    I heard that a different family owns it now and the recipes are different. Only the name is the same.

                                    1. re: bigmista

                                      Thanks. Doesn't sound promising.

                                      Greatly enjoyed Mrs. Mista's mac n cheese.
                                      I have a doctor's appt coming up and I need to be on my best behavior for now. But we'll be back to El Segundo in a month or so. Will you have chicken? My wife is partial to chicken, but I love your ribs and brisket

                                2. Mom's BBQ in Van Nuys serves a fantastic fried chicken. I've also had fantastic fried chicken at Boneyard Bistro (served on Mondays only).

                                  I second Pann's... may not be the quintessential best fried chicken in my books but it's pretty damn good.

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                                    I second Mom's; here's a link to a criminally overlooked post I wrote a few months ago while I was incarcerated:



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                                      Tried Mom's last night. Got the fried checken to go with bbq beans and coleslaw. The chicken is fantastic as were the beans. I liked the coleslaw but my wife found it a bit too sweet for her taste. Very little seating so if you want their food I would recommend take out.

                                    2. There is a new Golden Bird in Inglewood on La Brea south of Centinela. It has been open less than a year. I haven't tried it because I am not a big fried chicken fan but it may be worth a shot.

                                      Golden Bird
                                      902 N. La Brea Ave
                                      Inglewood, CA 90312
                                      (310) 671-0604

                                      1. If for some reason you're on your way home and want to pick some up, Albertson's does a pretty damn good supermarket rendition - ask them to fry some up fresh.

                                        1. Oh my damn. If someone had told me it was the old Golden Bird that would have been all I needed. I actually went to Honey's Kettle after I got home. When I realized where I was going my smile got bigger and bigger. Thank you all for the heads up. I will still try Muggies in Long Beach though as well as some of the other suggested places.

                                          One bad thing though, I asked for an 8-pc meal with nothing but wings and thighs and they gave me two of everthing. Heffa

                                          1. Soul Food Kitchen in Inglewood has some pretty good fried chicken.

                                            1. This place is definitely good, but there is also some good spots close to the area. Pann's has some really good biscuits and you cant go wrong with Soul Food Kitchen or The Serving Spoon

                                              1. 1. The OG Chinese Ghetto Traditional Fried Chicken: Donahoo's
                                                2. Korean Fried Chicken - proof that there is still unconquered territory in the 21c. kitchen: Kyochon.

                                                1. Hi! I just stopped in at the Muggies/Porky's in San Pedro on Friday, and I have to say that the fried chicken is pretty ridiculously good. The crust is dark brown, almost looks overdone, but it's not. The skin is shatteringly, audibly crunchy, with the subcutaneous fat all drained out so you just get a layer of crispy delight. The chicken is moist and tender inside. The only complaint is that the skin is a bit on the salty side, but eaten together with the meat, it works. The bonus part is that if you get a BBQ plate, you can add fried chicken on for $.99 a piece!

                                                  I never go down to San Pedro because it seems far, but actually, the drive wasn't bad at all. I live in Torrance, and I was home in 12 minutes. I'm totally going back next weekend with some friends.

                                                  1. Seems like no one has mentioned one type of fried chicken....

                                                    It's often served at Cantonese restaurants and has several Chinese names, Zha Tong Zi Ji or Zha Zi Ji. Literal translation to just deep fried chicken. It's rarely served at home and is popular at Chinese wedding dinners. It's not meant as a dish itself but no one is stopping you from ordering it as a complete dinner meal. Dish is also usually served with some prawn crackers/chips.

                                                    The thing about this fried chicken is that skin is crispy (almost like Peking Duck), yet the meat is super tender and juicy. I have done a bit of research on how this is done. No wet-batter like the Southern-style fried chicken. Definitely more of a dry rub with some spices and soaked in red vinegar. Poach the chicken first then fry it quickly. The trick now of course is how long to poach and how long to fry it. The frying part is to prepare the skin and to a certain extent finish off the meat, which was poached earlier.

                                                    One place that serves this decent dish is Hop Li in West LA. Go here and search for Crispy Deep Fried Chicken.


                                                    1. Bertha's Soul Food Cafe in Inglewood should mos def be on this list...come on y'all! Perhaps not the best fried chicken, but the cornbread muffins, the authentic sides (mac and cheese is a veggie in the South!) and ambience made it a great experience.

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                                                      1. re: papajoel747

                                                        I've been to Bertha's and found the food to be decent. Definitely not bad but not outstanding either. However, the people working there are so amazingly nice and kind that I've gone back to Bertha's on that point alone. I wish every restaurant in town had the service and hospitality that Bertha's has.

                                                        1. re: mrshankly

                                                          I'll say it again, are those places really any better than KFC, Popeyes or Churchs?

                                                          my mom makes so good fried ck with some kind of oyster sauce or hoi sin ?

                                                      2. There is a Golden Bird Chicken in Inglewood. On La brea a few blocks south of Centinela on the East side of the street

                                                        I just saw it the other day and I'll try it soon.


                                                        1. On a good day when its very fresh and not over-salted, Church's is hard to beat. Their wings, in particular are really huge, contain half a breast, and are juicy and succulent, while having that thin, light & crispy eggy type coating. 2 of their wings is a meal! I've been enjoying Church's for over 20 years, including travels back east where, in Ohio, they actually have dual restaurants teamed up with White Castle!! Imagine fried chicken with genuine White Castle sliders...what a combo!

                                                          Also, Pollo Campero, when truly fresh from the fryer, is both juicy inside and crispy outside, with a distinct flavor that is definitely not bland. Well worth a try during a busy time of the day.

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                                                            I've noticed that Churchs tends to have larger pieces (chicken plumping?)

                                                            but that varies, same for Popeyes, my 9 piece order would have some large some small pieces of the same leg/thigh

                                                            any chain uses the spinning thing to take out the excess oil? I've noticed when heating my fried chicken the next day theirs a lot of oil that comes out of it