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Apr 14, 2009 05:45 PM

Jacque-Imos- ordering?

We are thinking about going back to Jacque-Imos soon. We haven't been in some time since it is so rich and heavy. I think I had the BBQ shrimp last time and turned into a stick of butter afterwards. I don't love fried food but I love seafood, especially fish. Any suggestions on what to order? We are taking friends who love the place so we know that they will be happy no matter what.

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  1. Some of my favorites are....

    Alligator sausage and shrimp cheesecake
    Carpetbagger steak
    Fried roast beef po boy

    1. Appetizers:
      Eggplant Jacques Imo
      Calamari or oyster plate with brown garlic sauce
      Fried po-boy
      Duck gumbo

      Godzilla (soft-shell crab) w/ fried green tomato
      Whole stuffed flounder (when available)
      Stuffed pork chop
      Fried Chicken

      1. It looks like your statement "I don't love fried food" fell upon deaf ears. Just about everything named above is fried: the rabbit is fried, the fried r.b. poboy is er...fried, calamari...fried, Godzilla...fried, etc. etc. I suppose you could use those recs for your friends though, as they are all good recs.

        I had a hard time making recs within your parameters: Non-fried seafood, especially fish. I'm thinking they must have some sort of grilled or non-fried seafood, but I'd be lying if I said I'd tried it. When I go, I get fried chicken. It's some of the best in town, imo.

        1. I really love the fried chicken and the alligator cheesecake. I agree that The BBQ shrimp at Jacques Imos are really good. I found them to be mushy and I believe they were made with the heads off....which is not how I make them or prefer them to be made. They tend to lean heavily on the fried food but their menu may have changed slightly since my last visit. I am sure you will find something, but if you don't like fried food you may want to consider dining elsewhere.

          1. one of my favorite things on the menu is the salmon. it's stuffed with sauteed mushrooms that are mildly sweet, if memory serves, as though maybe they'd been simmered in a sweet wine of some kind. the fish sits atop two sauces -- a black bean sauce and a ginger cream sauce -- which are served side by side on the plate, achieving a sort of yin-yang effect. it's a good dish.