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Apr 14, 2009 05:24 PM

Brew Dog Punk IPA

I got punked. This beer is not worth a detour, not worth the press, not worth the money. Not worth any more words....

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  1. Yep. A barely average IPA when I had it and the not worth the extra cost. It doesn't hold a candle to tons of American IPAs that are available all over the country. The Physics amber is a little better but not much. I'm wary of trying their other beers that my local shop has for "only" $5.99/bottle or $10 or so for the Paradox imperial stout.

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    1. re: ultramagnetic

      Whew, it's not me. Here in NY there a bit more than 5.99, even so it's a lot of scratch for average brew.

    2. Go with Russian River Pliny the Elder if you can. It's a great IPA (double IPA to be more exact).

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      1. re: joshekg

        Now that's more like it. Classic American new world style, over the top, and great. Too bad it's really hard to get in NYC.

        1. re: MOREKASHA

          Not sure if the shipping will break the bank, but has lots of Pliny in stock.