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Apr 14, 2009 05:07 PM

1st Anniversary - need knock out restaurant in DC

Have my heart set on MiniBar, considering Komi - money is not an object... suggestions welcome

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  1. Suggestions are irrelevant: it is where you can get a reservation. Having said this the best dining experience in D. C. is neither. It is the Chef's Table at Teatro Goldoni. There are numerous posts on here about it. It is the equal of any experience in the United States. I should also note that I say this having written this about a year ago:

    Post #34 in this thread has photographs of the twenty or so courses which are served at Goldoni's Chef's Table:

    1. Komi vs. Teatro Goldoni is a tough decision. Komi, nominally Greek food, is very creative and covers a wider spectrum of flavors and cuisines. Teatro Goldoni is creative but mostly confined to Italian fundamentals. This is not to say one is better than the other, just distingushing between two equally good dining experiences. Minibar is a blast and should definitely be experienced if resources permit. As for the most romantic, you probably should look to the Inn at Little Washington.

      1. If you can get into MiniBar, go! There is no experience like it. You will fun and have great anniversary memories.

        Komi vs. Teatro Goldoni should not be a tough decision at all. Komi is excellent and inventive, and the service will help make the occasion feel special. There is a reason Komi is always busy and a hard table to book.

        In my humble opinion (and with apologies to my good friend Joe H.), Teatro Goldoni is nowhere near the same class. The food is not great and at times can even be not good. Service is lacksadaisacal. There is a reason that Teatro Goldoni is almost empty every night of the week.

        Other than that, you have provided too little information regarding likes/dislikes for me to dig out particular suggestions for you.

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          We're only talking about the Chef's Table at Teatro Goldoni. Granted, some of the creations at the Chef's Table are also served on the regular menu.

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            I might be wrong, but isn't the chef's table only for parties of 4 or more? That might not make for the most romantic anniversary dinner...

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              I've done it with a party of 2 on a Saturday night.

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            Bonz, the Chef's Table is an entirely different experience. It is truly extraordinary. I have not eaten at Goldoni in the "regular" dining room in three or four years but ten of us had an incredible dinner at the "Chef's Table" in mid December. The analogy to MiniBar is a real one: a special area/seats/table/bar set aside for an extraordinary prix fixe dinner which is not served in the dining room. At Goldoni you are served by Enzo himself who also personally cooks or oversees the preparation of the meal. My guess is that this is a loss leader as, I believe, is MiniBar. They are both the same price, i.e. $125 prix fixe. But it is truly outstanding. I think, at a minimum, equal to the best of Komi.

            But again, I am only talking about the Chef's Table. I am not making a value judgment on Goldoni's dining room-I just haven't had dinner in it in years.

            Eric, by the way, posted a number of excellent pictures of his dinner at Goldoni's Chef's Table on Rockwell.

          3. Call minibar a couple minutes before they are officially open... and then keep calling, punctuality counts. Also the calls for a weeknight will not be near as many than for weekends. I will wish you luck. I got my reservation the very first time, we loved it. Even Fiance who can be a little bit safer of an eater than I loved it.

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              hey KT revive the SF weekend question thread to dig up more suggestions if you didn't get enough advice - memory of an elephant I tells ya (or was that even you?)

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                Thanks, I have been meaning to do that, we scored a reservation at the French Laundry, so I may be looking for a few more low brow options, but Fiance tells me I don't have that many meals to eat, especially a chinese rec would be nice... Will do tonight :)

            2. special places for a special anniversary
              1. Minibar- tough reservation but I had a very memorable 50th birthday dinner there
              2. Citronelle: excellent, expensive, whimsical
              3. The Prime Rib: throwback to the old style classical dining experience with top notch service and food quality
              4. Wolfgang Puck's The Source
              5. Chefs table at Teatro Goldoni

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                I would also add Restaurant Eve if you are willing to travel to Old Town Alexandria.