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Apr 14, 2009 04:53 PM

Does this cold chicken appetizer sound at all... well... appetizing?

So I am having a chocolate themed party and have a few bottles of dark chocolate barbeque sauce. Was hoping to do cold finger foods rather than hot. Does this sound ok?

- Cut raw chicken breast into bite size pieces
- Marinate in a little bit of bbq sauce
- Roast in oven until cooked through
- Skewer two or three pieces on small party/toothpicks
- Serve with additional bbq sauce on the side

Does this sound at all appetizing if served cold? Can you think of any way to make it better? One possibility is that I may be able to cook the chicken on a charcoal grill rather than in the oven. I'm mostly unsure if this is really going to taste ok cold...

Thanks for any advice or guidance you can give me!

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  1. Here's what I'd do:

    1. broil the chicken pieces as hot and fast as possible. With boneless skinless breast pieces, you're going to end up with unevenly cooked and rubbery unless you do screaming hot. Grilling would obviously be better (I think cold grilled chicken is delish), but if you can't do that, broil.
    2. do a very simple dry rub rather than a marinade. I think the marinade would have a tendency to keep the chicken from browning since it's going to be cooking for SUCH a short time.
    3. cut cross-grain slices rather than cubes. Aesthetically nicer, plus with white meat you have the stringiness factor to fight against.
    4. serve the BBQ sauce on the side, warm. It would be super-simple to have the sauce in a crock-pot or fondue pot, or over a flame. That way the meat could be cold but the sauce would be warm. I just find cold bbq sauce a really disturbing texture. Maybe it's just me. ;)

    Sounds nice! Hope it turns out well!

    1. The key for room temperature/cold chicken is to focus on texture and spice - flavor is muted in lukewarm food so the spie needs to be a tad heavier than if it were warm. My recommendation is for chicken skewers:

      Marinate for 2-6 hours - 2" sliced chicken strips from breasts in 1C plain yogurt (fage is best), 2" ginger minced, 4 garlic cloves minced, 1t toasted cumin seeds (or powder), 1/2t cayenne, 1/4t salt. Skewer the chicken onto soaked bamboo skewers, drizzle a bit of oil over them and grill 2-3 minutes per side. (Note - sprinkle tumeric if color is wanted)

      Serve with raita, peanut sauce, and and/or romesco sauces.

      BTW - cold BBQ sauce is just wrong

      1. agree with those above that cold bbq sauce is just wrong. unless you can keep the chicken warm in some way, i'd save that sauce for another time. if you can dig up a chafer, then cut the meat into strips rather than cubes and skewer it prior to cooking (much easier than after). or you could make it into mini quesadillas which might be tidier for your guests.

        1. I'm sorry bitsypieces, it doesn't sound appetizing to me at all. Chicken in general unless its ground, or shredded as in a salad, is fine, but a hunk of cold chicken breast served with a chocolate sauce for the sake of keeping in theme, is not my idea of a good use of your products. perhaps if you shred the chicken marinate it however you want, and mix it with an herb salad, wrap in soft butter leaves, and then use a warm dipping sauce. They have oodles of those little small warming bowls that use a simple tea candle or votive for heat, perhaps that would be better. Or wrap the chicken in an herb infused crepe, drizzle with the sauce, using tiny demitasse spoons.

          1. Make chicken salad. You can make it with different ingredients, as fancy or as simple as you want, and serve cold. Honestly, the barbecue one doesn't sound good warm or cold. I went to a dinner where bite sized chicken was served like that, warm, and it wasn't good.