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Apr 14, 2009 04:32 PM

non-slip cutting board

I have 2 plastic, antibacterial cutting boards that I like except for one thing. They slide around on my granite countertop while I am trying to cut, chop, etc. Is there a product that has feet or some sort of non-slip padding on it to prevent this very problem?

Links to products or store suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Use a damp tea towel or buy a small rubber mat (mine is a rubber 'net' with very large holes purchased by the yd at a hardware store).

    1. You can use shelf liner (but a damp towel is really all you need):

      1. I put a pot holder underneath...or else one of those silicone pads...both stop the slipping equally well

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          In kitchens, they often use the damp dishtowl approach, especially on stainless work surfaces.

          I did the same as an above poster recommended - found some cheap non-slip shelf liner (you could probably also use a piece of a carpet non-slip pad if you had some extra lying around.) Cut a couple of pieces, or one big one, to rest under the cutting board, and voila!