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Apr 14, 2009 04:19 PM

providence or Sona?

i'm taking my boyfriend out for dinner for his birthday. i'm thinking about going to sona restaurant or providence. pros and cons for both? or any other recommendations welcome. thanks!

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  1. I've only been to Providence for their tasting menu a while back, which turned out really well. Haven't been to Sona yet but heard more mixed reviews (though generally positive) reviews of that place.

    Others in the same vein that may be worth looking into include Ortolan, Hatfield's, Grace and Craft. But no matter where you wound up going, hope the b-day dinner turns out to be a delight!

    My providence review:

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      just out of sheeeer curiousity, how bad is the worst table at providence? is it next to the bathroom? im planning on going there for my first time and im intrigued by the 10% discount.......

      1. re: AquaW

        My birthday was a while ago, but we didn't go out to dinner; we were planning on going to the Bazaar, but we waited until too late, and they were booked.

        Where do you recommend would be a quality, excellent place that isn't booked for the next 2 months?

        1. re: ApprenticeGourmet

          Depends on the type of food you're interested in. If you were looking at the Bazaar, I'd recommend Rivera since they do a nice job too with their small plates (though the menu is more modern-Latin-American) and have an excellent cocktail program to boot. Providence is a nice sure bet for seafood, and CUT for steaks. For something more classic, Spago's worthwhile. And finally, I'm rather fond of FIG for their simple, seasonal cuisine with a French flair.

          Save for CUT, I've blogged about the places mentioned above.