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Apr 14, 2009 04:18 PM

Fraiche or Akasha for lunch in Culver City?

Please help me decide. I'm meeting a friend I have not seen for a long time for lunch in Culver City. I have eaten at Fraiche before and loved it, but was wondering if I should try somewhere new. I have never eaten at Akasha. What are the pros and cons of each place, for those of you familiar with both restaurants?

I eat anything. My friend is vegetarian. Where would you go? (Feel free to recommend a third option). Thanks so much!

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  1. If your friend is vegetarian, I would think that Akasha is the better choice.

    1. Akasha is a bit more vegetarian-friendly but I think Fraiche will work better instead (or if you don't mind being more casual, M Cafe de Chaya). Akasha is a place I want to like so much, with its focus on local, organic, seasonal ingredients, but I ultimately found the dishes too bland or off-balance.

      Other delightful lunch places to come into mind include Royal/T (though more for the tea and the scene) and Surfas Cafe (their ultimate grilled cheese is soo good!)


      1. We looked at the posted menus for both these places last Friday, and picked Akasha strictly on the basis of prices. We loved the room and the service, and the food - Cobb salad for Mrs. O, grilled salmon Ni├žoise for me - was very good on most counts. I would not have complained if they'd been more generous with the egg, potatoes and olives, and an anchovy or two would not have gone unappreciated, but the spring greens were abundant, excellent and perfectly dressed. I'll be back for the mac'n'cheese, and certainly the burger, before I go claiming this as my new love...

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          The Mac and Cheese is VERY generous... Akasha is our 'bad day' restaurant... when either of us have a bad day at work, we tend to end up there for drinks and some of the apps including the Mac and Cheese... we like to pretend that since it's an all organic and local place we are eating food that is "good" as we throw back the Organic Vodka..


        2. If you friend is a vegetarian then definitely AKASHA. I also prefer AKASHA as there are many more options on the menu. When I go to FRAICHE for a work lunch, I struggle as there doesn't seem to be too many light options for lunch. It's always tasty but not necessarily what I want at lunch time.

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            I think the food is generally better at Fraiche, although I really LOVE Akasha's onion rings and their turkey burger is quite fab which fits in with lunch, right? (their pizzas are only so so) Fraiche seems more like a dinner place to me anyway (although I would eat that mushroom salad at any time of the day).

          2. I went to Akasha last night for dinner and had a great meal. I had the flat iron steak and tried just about all the starters. We also had a spicy wild shrimp pizza. I felt that it was a lot better then the menu would lead me to be believe, it would seem like a lot were lacking on flavor until ordered.