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Apr 14, 2009 04:10 PM

Pavich's Brick Oven Pizzeria in San Pedro

On the way home from a bike ride over the weekend, I happened to stumble upon Pavich's Brick Oven Pizzeria, a tiny takeout-only pizzeria in my neighborhood. The pizzeria was closed at the time, but the next day I came across a very favorable Los Angeles Times review so I had to check it out.

Well, last night I picked up a sausage and mushroom pizza and it was absolutely outstanding! Very thin, crispy crust with nicely charred bits, fresh mushroom and sausage, good quality cheese, and not greasy at all. This by far the best pizza I have had in San Pedro if not the greater LA area. The style reminds me of the better places you might find in NYC. Be warned though, the pizza only comes in one size -- gigantic! However I think they have slices available too. Also, there really isn't any seating, just a cashier counter and one small table outside so best to order for pick-up. As far as I know, they don't deliver.

Pavich's also has a couple of very interesting Croatian dishes on the menu that I hope to try – that is if I ever make it past the amazing pizza. I am so delighted to have such a fantastic little pizzeria so close to home!

Pavich's Brick Oven Pizzeria
2311 S Alma St
San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 519-1200

Pavich's Brick Oven Pizzeria
2311 S Alma St, San Pedro, CA 90731

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  1. Ernie, how would you compare Pavich's to Big Nick's on Gaffey?

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    1. re: Harry Nile

      I like Big Nick's for non-pizza stuff like their meatball subs, chicken marsala, etc. The one time I tried Big Nick's pizza, I thought it was pretty average. Pavich's pizza is much better

      1. re: Ernie

        Good -- I have a similar attitude towards Big Nick's. That LA Times article ( ) mentions a calzone at Pavich's. Maybe I'll try that, since I don't have a small village to feed. Thanks for the review!

    2. Ernie, I was just going to start a thread on this place! Good timing...

      I stopped by Pavich's today dying to try the pljeskavica, a "cevapcici burger". (BTW, the cevapcici is made on the premises instead of being sourced from the local Croatian butchers -- I have high hopes for this!) Wouldn't you know it, the owner (Zdenko, or "Danny") just got back from vacation and wasn't ready to fire up the grill. So, no pljeskavica for me.

      But, he encouraged me to try anything else on the menu, and I went with the quatro gusti calzone. Very impressive. A light crust, not very chewy at all (must be using a pretty low gluten flour), with a solid tomato sauce and fillings. Definitely not like any other calzone-bomb I've ever had.

      I realize that this place is going to be quite a haul for some, but I think it's worth the drive. Then again, I'm only driving from Torrance!

      P.S. Normally I would suggest that anybody making the drive down to San Pedro should stop by Sunshine Market (on Pacific) and pick up some cevapcici for grilling at home. However, they are out of business, as I just discovered today...

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      1. Thanks for discovering this. I live in PV, so I'll be getting to it real soon!

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        1. re: hungryrunner

          Okay, I went there and got three pizzas. One word: AWESOME!!!! The owner was super friendly and nice and make great recommendations (garlic slivers in the tomatoes I had on one of my pizzas), he gave my mom a free sampling of soup and also garlic-marinated roasted red peppers. The crust is hand rolled, thin and crispy - just excellent! Better than Joe's in Santa Monica. Croatian items on the menu (cabbage rolls with mashed potatoes, pork sandwiches, etc...) sound delicious so I'll be trying them out also. Great recommend!

        2. Had a large pizza from Pavich. I had it half vegetarian and half meat lovers. Pavich is takeout only with a few tables and chairs for outdoor seating. I took it home, but had a couple of slices in the car.

          Excellent crust, as good as any I've had in LA (Never had pizza in NY/NJ). My favorite pizza is Vito's hands down, but Pavich gives it a real run for the money. The crust was firm and crispy, although it oddly was too floppy to fold well. Delicious. And the variety of veggies on the vegetarian was wonderful with red peppers, red onions, artichoke hearts, zucchini, olives and mushroom.

          The meat lovers was loaded with various meats, some I was not familier with. But it was great.

          The bonus was, when I got home, I heated some slices on my pizza stone at 550 for 2-3 minutes and the crust became extra light and crispy.

          Pavich may not top Vito's (IMHO), but it's in the discussion for best pizza in LA.

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          1. re: Ogawak

            Thanks for the follow up post, Ok. Still trying to get out here. Were you in the neighborhood or did you make a special trek (in the best houndly tradition) to try it out?

            1. re: Servorg

              I work in Carson, so the trek wasn't too bad. Yeah, San Pedro is off the beaten path, but there are a few places worth coming to here. Porky's (with Muggies fried chicken) is here (I haven't tried it). If you live the SB, PV or Long Beach, Pavich may be the best pizza around. Plus the view of the harbor is highly underrated.

              1. re: Ogawak

                Since we live adjacent to the Santa Monica Airport and only get down to SP once in a while it's problematic how soon I'll be able to enjoy Pavich's pizza first hand. So all the more important (and enjoyable) to be able to read your, and other hounds, take on it here.

                1. re: Servorg

                  this place looks awesome even though i prefer my pie with minimal or no going to have to try even though its on the other side of the moon from me ie alta loma

                  1. re: JimmyC

                    This is not a bookmark. My next door neighbor went here last week and raved about it. I'm going this week. I'll let you know.

                  2. re: Servorg

                    One thing to note, they close at 8p... 8p on the DOT... We hoped to try a slice on Friday evening, but sadly it was a no go...


                    1. re: Dommy

                      No problem. I like to eat by 7 PM at the latest, if possible.

              2. re: Ogawak

                I had a small cheese pizza at Pavich's (I never order toppings when I first try a new pizza because I want to get an idea about its basics----crust, sauce, and cheese) and attached a photo of it here. Its located west of Gaffey St in a semi-residential area that reminds me of San Francisco. Dining is out of the question because its such a tiny place. I also ordered a single cabbage roll (about $3.25) which I enjoyed. The pizza crust was very good, not too thick or thin, and had a nice unique taste but I wasn't that impressed with the cheese, which I thought was rather dry. The sauce was ok. I recommend ordering a Pavich's pizza with toppings or their popular Croatian pizza, which has multiple toppings. It may be that I prefer my pizza to be the traditional NY-style oily type like Damianos (I attached a photo of Damianos pizza slices). Later I stopped at nearby Bonello's NY Pizza (832 S. Gaffey St.) for their slice special and I have to admit that I prefered it over Pavich's. Bonello's has a small comfortable dining area and an owner who seems to be transported right out of The Bronx. I didn't take take a photo of their pizza, but I thought that it was very similar to what is served at Damianos/Vitos,Village Pizza. Both Pavich's and Bonello's are some of the better pizzas that I have enjoyed in the L.A. area and I will definitely return.

                1. re: HBfoodie

                  I don't live near San Pedro but decided to make the drive and try Pavich's based on the reviews here. Had the cheese and sausage pizza. I agree that the crust was good however the sauce was more on the bland side -- overall ok but nothing out of the ordinary.

                  1. re: HBfoodie

                    i actually like Bonello better. But Pavich is definitely in the rotation. We have abundant great pizza in pedro. Sorrento's at western and 25th is also superb. thicker crust but wonderful cheese and sausage. not a ny pie but we prolly get it more often than either of the others--always half sausage half fresh tomato. they are so good, they do not deliver.

                    1. re: peterboy

                      I do like Sorrentos pizza as well! There meatballs are pretty good to, love there subs!!!

                2. The original comment has been removed