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Apr 14, 2009 04:09 PM

San Diego Places where the wait is baffling.

Josh had that great line in another post, and I thought it thread-worthy. Hope the Mods will as well.

My places where the wait is baffling:

Sushi Deli
Hash House
Cafe 222
Walker's Pancake House

I eat at some of these places, and I really like 222. But I never wait- there are so many things I can do with my time.

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  1. Are you saying that you never wait anywhere because your time is too precious? Or just at the restaurants you name?

    1. I don't mind waiting if the food and service are really good. But then again, some of the best food and service comes from those little places that are almost invisible.

      1. And would you say those restaurants are really worthy of long waits? Perry's has pretty quick service, but it's really just an oversized greasy spoon diner. What's baffling to me is the hype over Sushi Deli and Mission.

        I find most breakfast spots in LJ Cove have pretty long lines.

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        1. re: ginael

          Um.. no. These are places where I'm baffled why anyone would wait in line for their food. And it's true, I do choose carefully and make reservations so I'm not waiting in line. That struck me about the list- it's breakfast/lunch mostly because of the lack of reservations.

          I just don't understand how people can put "wait in line at HashHouse" as a to-do item on their Sunday planner.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. May I add: Hodad's. It's two blocks from me and I've rarely seen it open without a line wrapped around.

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            1. re: SungSook

              Ever since it was on one of the Food Network shows the line has been insane with tourists.

              Call head, and get them to go.