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Apr 14, 2009 04:01 PM

Restaurant guides for Paris

Any opinions on 3 restaurant guides for Paris: the old warhorse, Michelin, Pudlo Paris or Hungry For Paris by Alexander Lobrano? Any favorite or are they out of date. Am I missing any better English language books?

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  1. I really like Pudlo, especially the addition of food/kitchen stores in addition to restaurants, cafes, and bars. Other than that, I like to use Zagat. On a recent trip, I used Zagat more than Pudlo.

    1. FYI - you may also be interested in Patricia Wells' book which gives translations of various food terms you will encounter in France. Her guide was indispensable in our visit to Paris.

      1. Like Pudlo best of your choices, P Wells 'Foods of Paris' is outdated for locations, but lovely read anyway.

        1. Michelin is the most reliable source of pratical information but has almost no comment and almost no cheap place. If you don't need it on the go then info is available on www.viamichelin.com as well.

          Pudlo is in English and more or less reliable. Lebey for instance is more reliable but there's no English version.

          The Souphie guide to Paris isn't out yet but it will be good.

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            I love my Lebey's (one for the restos, another one for the bistrots). However, best are still the numerous blogs and forums like this one and articles in newspapers (like Le Figaro) and magazines:

            Unfortunately, books tend to outdate.

            Le Fooding is good as well (only online available.).

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              Sign up to the lefooding.com newsletter - nice bite-size (ugh) bits for those of us who have a tough time absorbing an entire french language site, Very casual (but still discriminating) for Paris. I especially like their section where famous Parisiens tell their fave spots.

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                http://www.davidlebovitz.com has a nice obligatory blogger top/best-of list for Paris too.

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                    I find Michelin useful also for not-so-expensive meals. I think that almost all of the Bib Gourmand restaurants offer exclusive meals for a very reasonable price, almost the same price as at any other regular bistrot (and much better food :-)

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                      Bib Gourmand in Michelin is a good recommendation it is for meals less than €35 in paris and €29 outside.

                  2. My favorite is Hungry for Paris. He was right on.!