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Good Breakfast Tacos?

Having grown up in Texas, I realize that most of the Mexican food in Brooklyn is different than what I was raised on, and I've learned to appreciate different things that aren't available in Texas - cemitas, for example, and the tacos here are very different but good in their own way.

The thing I haven't gotten used to is the lack of readily available breakfast tacos - I used to eat bean potato cheese, chorizo and egg, egg potato cheese, etc. etc. on a very regular basis - options were everywhere - and I really miss it. This morning I went into a Mexican restaurant that said it served breakfast and it only had huevos mexicana and rancheros. Is there anywhere in Brooklyn or Queens (or beyond) that does good breakfast tacos?

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  1. I've been looking for 14 years and I still haven't found anything like we get back home. Some places do breakfast burritos, but they're not the same (not to mention the flour tortillas taste like paper). If you find something, let us know!

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      I'm convinced that a cart in Midtown or somewhere busy with cafe con leche and breakfast tacos would make a killing. People don't know what they are missing!

      Like the username. :)

    2. Yesterday I printed up a breakfast taco menu from Arandas(Austin TX) and tried to talk my local Taqueria/Grocery into adding it to their breakfast menu. Hopefully it works.
      I'll post if they do it. I really like their Burritos.
      BTW it is:
      La Delicia - Deli & Grocery
      270 Jefferson St
      (between Irving Ave & Knickerbocker Ave)
      Brooklyn, NY 11237
      (718) 366-2277

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        great idea! i think we need to do that everywhere we think it might make an impact.

      2. Are you willing to go into Manhattan? I think Pinche Taqueria has them, also Downtown Bakery:

        1. I agree, I'm a native Texan (Austin) also and haven't found any breakfast tacos anywhere. Good news though is that I have a taco truck in Brooklyn called El Diablo Tacos and we're putting breakfast tacos on the menu this summer. I don't know why no one else has done this, so delicious and simple. How can you go wrong with a flour tortilla, eggs, chorizo, potato, and cheese???

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            Where is your taco truck stationed usually?

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              We park in the backyard of the bar Union Pool in Williamsburg. Starting this month, we'll be there full time.

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                Awesome - I live blocks from there so I'll definitely check it out. Will it have consistent hours?

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                  Currently, we're open Weds-Sat 7pm-3:30am. In the next couple weeks we'll be going to 7 days and doing lunch on the weekends. The breakfast tacos will only be available for lunch to start and then we'll putting them on the menu full time. http://www.myspace.com/thenearestoak

          2. Are you serious? Have you checked out Sunset Park?

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              I have - but not that extensively. Are there good breakfast tacos? Where?

            2. We realized that Mexican food is a little different up here the first time we ordered fajitas at a local joint and it came out like a beef stir-fry, complete with baby corn. Really, baby corn! You're not going to find a Taco Express up here.

              Not the best in the world, and certainly not as cheap as any place in Texas, but Lobo on 5th Ave. in Park Slope has both breakfast tacos and migas on the brunch menu. Not worth traveling for, but if you're in the area, it's a much better way to scratch that itch than any of the other Mexican places around. Their queso isn't great, but they at least give you tex-mex style queso and not queso fundido.

              Maybe off-topic, but for the other Texans living in BK, Sidecar (also on 5th Ave. in south Park Slope), has both migas and what I would wager is the best chicken fried steak in town (both only on their brunch menu). It may be the best I've had outside of Texas, and if you like CFS, it's worth the trip out to the Slope. If you order the migas, you may want to ask them to add some peppers to them, as they have little heat with their standard preparation. Their brunch menu is great, especially considering they're not from Texas.

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                Arandas, Taco Express - what is everyone in this thread from Austin? :) Incidentally Taco Express wasn't as great the last time I went - and it's so busy that it's lost some of the charm for me. Mi Madres was my morning fix mainly because I lived close by.

                I used to live a block from Lobos and never thought it was as gawdawful as some folks on chowhound seemed to think - and I agreed it was a passable Tex-Mex fix.

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                  Tex-Mex indeed. I'm sure what you have in texas is great, but the mexicans in new york are largely from la mixteca, and the food is just different from that in border regions. i'm sure that you can get breakfast tacos in sunset park, woodside, or east harlem, but if you want an authentic poblano breakfast, go for the chilequiles.