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Apr 14, 2009 03:18 PM

Monday breakfast or early lunch

Headed to New Orleans for the first week of Jazz Fest. We are flying out Monday at 2pm and are trying to figure out where to have our last meal, either somewhere for a late breakfast or early lunch. Any suggestions? We are staying on Canal St, so somewhere close to the hotel would be great since we will presumably need to swing back to the hotel for our bags before going to the airport. On the trip we will be hitting Cochon, Commanders Palace, and the food stands and Jazz Fest. Is there anything we shouldn't miss?

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  1. You could try Port of Call on Esplanade. Best burgers ever and perfect cure for a hangover if that is your inclination to have one. But the best option is probably Petunias in the French Quarter. Awesome crepes and other breakfast/brunch foods. Very intimate and lovely enviroment.

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      I forgot about EAT. It is BYOB but serves a wonderful brunch. That may be a better option than Petunias and may have less of a wait.

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        Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately it looks like EAT is closed on Mondays. Any idea if Petunias is open for breakfast on Monday? The breakfast link on the website doesn't appear to be working.

        1. re: cbbjr

          I saw on another site that they are open on Mondays. You'll probably have a wait though, so plan for that.

    2. I love Petunia's and EAT. I was also going to suggest Elizabeth's...but see they too are closed on Monday.

      1. I vote for Stanley on Jackson Square. Breakfast and lunch options are all very tasty and it has a cool vibe. If you like milkshakes, get one!