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Apr 14, 2009 03:08 PM

Indian fusion

I need some directions from CHers on Indian fusion food.

I am looking for a restaurant/menu similar to Xacutti. I had a few good meals there and have been wanting to go back, but clearly it's closed. Quite sad about it... although I hear the new restaurant in place (Grace) is decent.

Any price range & willing to travel (GTA).

To sum up, either an Indian fusion restaurant or an Indian restaurant with a menu friendly enough for first timers (and by that I mean to the Indian cuisine).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. On the high end of things, there's Debu on Mount Pleasant. Very well executed and ornate dishes, mains do get in the high 20's, though.

    Amaya is also very nice, though service in their Yonge Street location seems to be more consistent.

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      Both menus look phenomenal. I will definitely try one of the two in the coming weeks. Thanks a ton for the rec, Snarf!

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        Quick question, is the one on Yonge called Amaya's Bread Bar?

      2. Just had dinner at Amaya last night (Baview south of Eg) and both the food and the service were wonderful. I highly reccomend it.

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          I wouldn't. The food was blah and served at a tepid temperature.

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            I've been reading up a lot of mixed reviews for Amaya on Bayview. Slightly confused...

            I think I might give Amaya's Bread Bar a try. Seems to have more positive reviews than the Bayview location.


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              That's why I recommended Yonge over Bayview. The Yonge space is somewhat nicer as well.

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                I dined at Amaya in a group of 7 last November and had one of my top 5 meals of the year. we did the chef's tasting menu, told him to lighten up on the seafood/red meat and given us some veggie choices (for the health concious eaters like me) and it was all amazing. portions reasonable to split for the group, desserts phenomenal, service impeccable. i will be sorry if they go downhill, because they got such a buzz last year.

                have yet to try Bread Bar, but am also looking forward to it. i hear it is more of a "street food"/"small plates" style menu.

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            1. Reporting back.

              I went to Amaya's Bread Bar yesterday with my brother. It's a cozy place.

              Before I start off, I would like to mention that I am somewhat of a novice to Indian food. Therefore, I may not be a perfect person to critique on Indian food, but overall, our experience at Amaya's Bread Bar was pleasant, and we came out pretty stuffed.

              One of the staff came and let us know that their tasting course is priced at "market value" aka 1% of Dow Jones Industrial Average at end of day trading - for TWO people! I found this quite amusing! So our meals were charged for $78.82 + tax - excluding the 4 glasses of wine we had. Anyway so that's what we had, since we wanted to try a bunch of different things to begin with.

              It started off with spinach pakora (I think) with a little bit of fig filling, along with chicken tikka. Both were quite good. We enjoyed the spinach + fig combination, it was nice and creamy almost. Chicken tikka was fairly standard, I would say.

              I actually requested for butter chicken to be somewhere during the course. And it came along with beef vindaloo (if that's the name for braised beef with spicy sauce), a salmon dish, a spiced cauliflower and potato dish, as well as naans and basmati long grain. Overall the food was quite delicious, and they came in decent portions for two people to share... that we didn't get to finish any one of them, really. Both of us agreed that the butter chicken was fantastic. It was nice and flavourful, great with the rice and naan. - and of course the naan and rice were great.

              On a side note, the appetizers were served nice and hot, but the main course (chicken, beef, veggies, rice and naan) arrived at a rather warm termerature. I might be wrong, just because we let the food sit on the table and conversed for good 3-5 minutes before eating. So I won't bug them on it. I will know the next time I visit.

              On the dessert plate were three different types of yummies - two pieces each - creamy chocolate with a dark chocolate shell , biscuits and squares. We enjoyed all but the biscuits, as it wasn't too exciting. I really wanted a scoop of Greg's Ice Cream but as I already mentioned, we were too full for anything else.

              Forgot to mention, I had a sparkling wine to start, then asked for suggestions on a white based on what I liked, and I got just what I wanted. Same with dessert wine. Overall I was pleased with the server's knowledge and ability to recommend the right ones.

              The server saw us towards the end of our main course that he would suggest wrapping up leftovers because they are just as good the next day. It was a nice offer, because we had about half of everything left behind - Again, not because we didn't enjoy, because we certainly did. We were just full! They individually wrapped everything and put them in a nice paper bag for us.

              What I particularly liked is that the owner was walking by every table to ensure that everything was going well. He was a pleasant and welcoming person.

              Overall, we had a great time, and it was a good place to be introduced to Indian food. I have a number of friends around me who have yet to try Indian food, and I think it's a great place to be introduced to it. So I will definitely make a trip back with friends.

              Snarf, thanks for the recommendation. We came home pretty happy.

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                You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it!

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