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Apr 14, 2009 02:38 PM

Steak house birthday dinner

Out of town relatives staying in manh will be here for brother in law is carnivore; sister is vegetarian; it will be brother in law's birthday he wants to go to a steak house; she is happy to make do. But is there one that has not so embarassingly huge portions; or should we just go to Peter Luger? How about Keen's ? Or BLT ?

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  1. I highly recommend Keens, our favorite NYC steakhouse. It's been in its 36th St. location since 1885, so in addition to delicious food and friendly, efficient service, there is the unmatchable Old New York ambiance, which I'm sure will charm your out-of-town relatives.

    As with all steakhouses, everything is served in very generous portions. Sides are always meant to be shared, but we keep per person portions more moderate by also sharing apps, salads, steaks, and even desserts.

    I think Keens is a great place to celebrate a birthday.

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      Yes, Keen's has the best atmosphere of any steakhouse in New York and is very festive.