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Apr 14, 2009 02:35 PM

Suggestions for Santa Barbara????

We're going to be in Santa Barbara this weekend. Would appreciate your suggestions for restaurants, farmers markets, etc.

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  1. Since you like eclectic, lunch at La Super Rica on Milpas St. (Worlds best taco's...seriously!), and dinner at Bouchon. Maybe some oysters and beers at Brophy Bros. on the marina in between meals...enjoy!

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      You have to know what to order at La Super Rica, or you'll end up being one of the SR haters. You can learn a lot more about them and this place on the California board, which covers Santa Barbara, Eureka, and related cities. [EDIT: You can unfasten your seatbelt, now that the moderators have moved your post.]

      World's best taco? I think SR dropped that one from the menu circa 1993 -- too much overhead, I hear. But they do have a couple of good tacos (marinated pork, cheese, and chilis, e.g.), and I've always liked that simple bowl of pinto beans w/bacon.

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        How is Jade for a dinner spot?

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          I like Jade for its creative menus and its nice, local feeling. It is often where we take people from out of town for something simple, yet nice, well-priced and tasty. There is always something for everyone on this menu from appetizers to desserts and a friendly, food and local wine loving staff. This is not first-rate dining of continental gourmet distinction; but it is a solidly nice low-key place in a favorite part of downtown we locals feel like we still own.

          Here is a link to our local restaurant review website for Jade:

          Next door is Brummi's for very good German and great Hofbrau brew on tap. Also a good choice for similar reasons, but a very different menu.

      2. went this past summer for a weekend and all meals were awesome:
        1. lunch on the pier at santa barbara shellfish company (just ordered at the window and ate on the wooden benches outside)
        2. hungry cat (i don't live near hollywood so this is the only one i've been to) - had the pub burger and the whole snapper (roasted with tomatoes, figs, olives)
        3. small italian place (will get back to you on this-killing me that i can't remember)

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          it was ca' dario - nice, intimate. seating is a little tight. food esp pasta was very good

        2. I second Bouchon for a great dinner!

          1. If you like craft beer, Hollister Brewing in Goleta shouldn't be missed.

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              My personal favorite for mexican food is El Bajio on Milpas, just North of Mason street. As a fan of SR, this place is my go to for rajas tamales, gorditas, and tacos of all types. Fresh, homemade and clean. As far as SR- Number 15, or is it 16- the cheese bacon deal- its a winner!

              The SBShellfish Company on the Stearns Wharf is a best bet for fresh, fantastic and the best onion rings around. The crab sandwich, the chowder, the shooters and the steamers- all fantastic. Not cheap.

              I love Brohpy Brothers- but on a nice afternoon- I like the place below it- Sushi a go-go I think its name is. Fish and noodles. YUM.

              Around the corner from Brophys/Sushi a go-go is the Minnow CAfe- great breakfasts(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and great lunches- all served with cold beer- this might not look like much- but the food is good and the people watching the best.

              If you are interested in the SB Museum of Art- there is a cafe inside that serves wine and beer, good coffees and tapas type plates- a well know lady chef runs it and it is almost always hoppin'. Sundays are free at SBMofA, if I am correct!

              Enjoy your weekend! The weather should be fantastic!!!

              1. re: JalamaMama

                JM, the repeating reco for the #16 reminds me of a similar dish that we had at Altamiranos (hope I recall that correctly), same side of Milpas btw El Bajio and LSR. We had really great chow there, but I never see it mentioned on the board. Last visit we were crusing up Milpas, I believe LSR was closed (evening) and we passed another place on the same side of the street that was packed with locals. You order at the counter and they bring it to you, there were two different rooms as I recall and the food was really good. Problem is I can't remember the name. Any help greatly appreciated.



                1. re: PolarBear

                  Wow-- there is Caesers, which is fish & chips central...Altamiranos, El Bajio- I am going to SB tomorrow, and I will try to cruise Milpas and find the name for have me stumped!

                  1. re: JalamaMama

                    I didn't make it to Milpas this afternoon, sorry. Great day for ice cream on the wharf today- HOT!

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                      Yeah, we hit @ 94-95, supposed to be even worse tomorrow. Damn, wish we had a branch of McConnell's down here.

            2. Love the Chase restaurant on State street that has the BEST calamari picatta ever!
              Enjoy drinks at San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito at Plow and Angel..
              Patty Melt at The Nugget in Summerland is a classic..very dive but fun and good!