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Apr 14, 2009 02:35 PM

Macaroons - best?

I am in love with the macaroons from Hi-Rise in Cambridge - the coconut ones, not the almond ones. They are crunchy-chewy on the outside and a bit soft inside. Where else has great macaroons around town? I'm a latercomer to liking coconut...And anyone know how to make them turn out crunchy like that?

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  1. The ones at Lakota Bakery in Arlington (which are sold at Formaggio as well) come in several varieties, all of which are awesome (lemon is my favorite).

    1. la cascia's bakery in medford has good macaroons

      1. Can't speak to "best", but I like the amaretti, with and without pignoli, at The Modern in the North End and at Joseph's Trattoria & Bakery in Haverhill.

        1. We are talking about coconut macaroons (golden, sort of pyramidal in shape), not French macaroons (little fancy sandwich cookies), right? Are the Lakota Bakery ones the former or the latter? As I recall, Crema Cafe in Harvard Square has very good coconut macaroons as well.

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            The ones at Lakota are traditional style of piles of toasted coconut bound together and coated with chocolate, lemon, etc. on the outside - very tasty.

            I think the French version (which I have yet to find that's really GOOD in the Boston area - and there is a thread on this - FWIW, the gold standard to me for this type is Laduree in Paris and freshness is paramount so shipping hasn't worked) is spelled differently even in English (macaron, maybe??).

          2. Flour makes a delicious version with chocolate chips or chunks, or something.... very gooey.