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Apr 14, 2009 01:38 PM

Decent mid-scale dinner around Golden Gate Park?

I'm going out there over the weekend, gonna see if the Bison are awake and sneak a peek at the SF Dream Home that's being raffled off above the Forest Knolls area or round abouts. Any recommendations? That's one area of the city I have not properly explored.

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  1. I liked Park Chow, which is where we ended up walking to after a day at the Academy of Sciences. Had some tasty beef short ribs there. Very affordable, comforting fare.

    Park Chow
    1238 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

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    1. re: abstractpoet

      I'll second Park Chow. One of the best values in the City, IMO.

      1. re: Civil Bear

        I'll third Park Chow. I've only had brunch there, but brunch has always been good and reliable. They make interesting non-alcoholic drinks, as well.

      2. re: abstractpoet

        Great Burgers($11) at Namu on Balboa bet 6thAv and 5thAv. Shiitake dumplings too.

      3. It may be over your budget, and I haven't been there myself, but Moss Room gets good reviews. Its on my to-do list. Can't get any closer to the park.

        Chouchou is another one that has been on my list of places to check out. You'll be near there. But I notice that recent reports have been mixed. Seems like there was a new chef a year or so ago who did not start out strong. Anyone have any recent updates to share about Chouchou?

        400 Dewey Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94116

        Moss Room
        55 Music Concourse Drive, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA

        1. Park Chow is good. If you are looking for something different, there is also:

          Koo for sushi and small plates, a bit pricey but much better than Hotei/Ebisu.
          Lime Tree for cheap, spicy Singaporean inflected food.
          Yummy Yummy for Vietnamese (Chinese-ified)
          also Cafe Gratitude if you want to try raw...

          1. Tons of awesome Asian food. San Tung on Irving always gets my vote.

            1. Just a heads-up that the raffle house is on Hugo street - Inner Sunset, not Forest Knolls - is that what they're advertising? Either way, it's gorgeous and you have MANY great options for food. Park Chow is great, you can also try Naan-and-Curry for the best cheap indian, Plutos for salad or Yumma's for falafel in a beautiful garden patio. I live and eat very well in this neighborhood!

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              1. re: rflevin

                Thanks for the heads up...I wasn't totally sure where the raffle house was, going off the scuttlebutt. Glad you pointed me in the right direction!

                Park Chow is sounding like the spot, since I've never been, but maybe more trips to the bison will be required. Is the Naan and Curry the same as the chain (Berkeley, Oakland) or a different place with the same name?

                1. re: bbbron

                  Same chain

                  There's also Pomelo in that area.

                  If you are near the bison and it is a weekend, you might consider Cajun Pacific. Addresses here

                  1. re: bbbron

                    Well, Park Chow WAS great, I've actually been back a few more times since. Bumping this to ask if anyone wound up buying tix for that raffle, like me...I think it ends on Friday.

                    Those Bison are out in full bloom this time of year!